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    Fanfiction ► -Sin-[Lycanthrope]

    Run. Run like you've never ran before- like your life depended on it. Like this is your last chance, redemption is only a few feet away, if only you can make it... Anthony's eyes flickered open, with blurred and distorted images greeting his consciousness for the first time in a year. How did...
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    Fanfiction ► [Of Anger and Angels]

    Part one of a two part thing. Read and review, please. Thankees. ;D EDIT: I forgot to mention, this story was ultimately inspired by the song "Everything You Want", by Vertical Horizon. If you wish for the full expirience, I'd suggest you listen to it. ;D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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    Fanfiction ► But it's better if you do...

    I'm only posting this for the creds. And because there are only three chapters. ^-^ So this is the first, I'll post the second when I get seven, COUNT'EM, SEVEN, reviews. :] _______________________________ Damone twitched slightly in the cold, grey, stone walled 'apartment' cell that had...
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    Fanfiction ► Build God, Then We'll Talk.

    -.- i don't know what this is. i got the name from a Panic! At the disco song and i thought it up in the middle of church. So here we go. the main char's name is actually spelled Daemyn (Day-ee-me-in) but for easier pronunciation it was changed. _______________________________________ Daymon's...
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    Fanfiction ► arkapothy

    This is my first fic, so if it's like, dumb.... ya know, yeah... :D enjoy. :D Sterling walked through the hallways of his house, faintly hearing the fall out boy song he was listening to. His blue-green eyes looked up at the Pink Floyd posters adorning the wall of the narrow passage. "What...
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    my poetry!!! (beleive it or not)

    okay, so me and my friend (who plays guitar) wrote this SONG (that's why it may sound a little off when reading it) about all the stuff that's happened over the last couple of years.... so here it is: So many are gone, so many more left, so i would've thought, but who would've guessed...
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    i'm new (as previously stated) and i just hope to get along with everyone here and have fun and stuff.! would any of you be my buddy? i won't ask to "borrow" stuff like some people i know, i just need someone to talk to. :eek:
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    dude... i'm such a newb... how long..?

    :confused: how long til it wears off? like a month? a week? i'm soo losht. someone tell me how to do stuff like ummm... get a sig? and uhh... that kinda thing, i guess. (i can't help it, i new. i'll get it, just gimme a sec. or 2)