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  1. .:Mega:.

    Fanfiction ► Antipode Act 2: Fragmented Truths

    Fragmented Truths is the second installment in my Antipode series, an AU that places Riku into the role of Keybearer. If you would like to read the original story, there is a topic for it here, and it can also be found on Fanfiction.net and AO3. Taking place immediately after the KH1 era...
  2. .:Mega:.

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: The Antipode

    This will be where I post my ongoing AU fanfiction, Antipode. It's been a pet project of mine for a few years now, and it's only now that I'm making it public. For the curious, it's my own personal take on Riku getting the Keyblade, keeping in mind his KH1 personality. In short, he's not gonna...
  3. .:Mega:.

    HD KH1 cutscenes... do they even exist?

    Hello! I'm currently on the hunt for high quality KH1 cutscenes, because I like to make icons, but here's my dilemma: Thus far, I haven't been able to find any that are really -great- quality. The ones on KH-vids are small and low quality, Blue Laguna's are grainy, and the ones on KH13, while...
  4. .:Mega:.

    Disc cannot be read

    I just tried out my new copy of BBS today, but for some reason my PSP won't read the disc. The PSP is on firmware 6.20, and the game is brand new, so I don't understand what's up. Anyone got suggestions? 8C
  5. .:Mega:.

    The Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

    The ACTA is a proposed law said to fight counterfeiting, but in reality it is something much worse. Until recently, it was kept behind closed doors, but a recent link has shed the light on this atrocious law. Here is what the ACTA would potentially do to the internet. In short, if you're even...
  6. .:Mega:.

    CUTSCENES - stuff happens with aqua

    OKAY. So I have another video for you guys. YouTube - Birth by Sleep - Exam results, Ventus meets Vanitas [SPOILER] This is the scene where Vanitas first appears. C: I also might take requests if there's a specific cutscene you guys would like to see, I suppose. I'll probably upload a lot of...
  7. .:Mega:.

    CUTSCENES - Ven and Vanitas' origins

    YouTube - Birth by Sleep - Ven's past revealed + X-blade [SPOILER] YouTube - Birth by Sleep - Confronting Eraqus [SPOILER] YouTube - Birth by Sleep - Terra's Interference + Vanitas' Origins [SPOILER] YouTube - Birth by Sleep - Vanitas' origins part 2 [SPOILER] I uploaded these, but if anyone...
  8. .:Mega:.

    The freaking Castle in Radiant Garden!

    Do you think the castle will be fully playable? If so, do you think it will be as awesome as in KH1? I personally believe that "Hollow Bastion" was one of the best Kingdom Hearts maps, if not the best, in the entire series, so I'm hoping that the castle will be at least as huge as HB in KH1. I'd...
  9. .:Mega:.

    Simple and Clean PLANITb Mix in Mario Paint Composer + Original Songs

    So, okay, I wouldn't really consider this "traditional", but I couldn't think of anywhere else to put this, soooo here ya go. Simple and Clean PLANITb 2.0 - Mario Paint Composer I also have some original compositions I made, some old, some fairly recent. Chaotic Light This one's my personal...
  10. .:Mega:.

    Here's a thought.

    Okay, first of all. The angle of the shot with Ienzo has Ven up close to the viewer, so it's entirely possible that Ienzo's not as short as he looks and may, in fact, be closer to Ven's height. That being said, he may be 14 or 15. The experiments happen a year later. Let's look at Riku's...
  11. .:Mega:.

    Internet on 98 being faster than on laptop. HELP WANTED. x.x

    Just recently, I got a new laptop with Windows Vista. For a while the internet was going just as fast as it does on my Windows 98 computer. However, recently my internet on the Vista has been severely lagging. I recently checked with the 98 to see if it was perhaps a service issue, but it turns...
  12. .:Mega:.

    The "Zexion is Not Emo" topic

    Alright, one thing I've noticed in this fandom is the common stereotyping characters. We see Lexaeus depicted as a mindless brute, Demyx as an idiot, Roxas as an uke, and such, but one that is all too common is that of Zexion being emo. I ask why? Is it because of his hair? His clothes? If so...
  13. .:Mega:.


    Dunno if it's been posted, OR if it's in the right section, but... http://news.spong.com/article/3420?cb=988 Sounds...interesting, I admit. KH movie...and KH1 based? Hmm. ~Mega
  14. .:Mega:.

    Fall 2007?(EGM scan?)

    Ok, so a dude at this one forum posted a supposed EGM scan, though I am unsure whether or not it is valid. Regardless, it's worth a look anyway.... http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/8110/untitled2copyaa5.jpg Again, no confirming it's real, but there's a chance, right? ~Mega
  15. .:Mega:.

    Possible stateside confirmation? (From PSM)

    Interesting. Someone at KHU posted a quote from a recent article of PSM. It was involving the top ten games of 2006, KH2 being 7, and after that, they talked of the next KH product... So, I take that as confirmation, possibly? Though, it's not definite. ~Mega
  16. .:Mega:.

    Something I noticed about Repliku

    I apologize if this has already been posted, but, upon reading the CoM script, I have noticed something rather interesting in regards to the Riku Replica. Basically, his personality seems to vary in each of the stories. In Sora's, he is obsessive over Naminé and wishes to protect her. Due to...
  17. .:Mega:.

    Famitstu Interview, kudos to KHU

    I apologize if this has already been posted, but I haven't seen it around, so... Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Famitsu: Anyway, let's start with the news of this "new project" which appeared at the end of the latest trailer. Boy, were we surprised! Nomura: Thanks to everyone Kingdom Hearts has...
  18. .:Mega:.

    Know any good video editing programs that work for WIndows 98?

    Ok, so here's the deal. I run on windows 98 with a 450MHz processor. Now, this is no good for Windows Movie Maker, so I ask...are there any good alternatives that could work on a computer as obsolete as mine? I mostly want to use it for purposes like AMV's and KH parodies, etc. Any help is...
  19. .:Mega:.

    Importing Question...

    Hello. I hope this is the right place to post this, but if not, could a mod please move it? Anyway, let me say that I do NOT own the original Kingdom Hearts. I have, however beaten it, plotwise, but it was a friend's copy and then a rental. Anyway, because of this, I plan on importing Final Mix...
  20. .:Mega:.

    Upgrade OS? + Ram stuff

    Alright, folks. Here's the deal. I run on a Pentium 3 computer designed for Windows 98. Now, what I ask is: is it possible to upgrade to XP without causing any comp problems? And, the other question I must ask concerns RAM. You see, I have about 330 MB of RAM, but, I have a suspicion that this...