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  1. Ikkin

    Theory about the development of the "mystery" game

    I was thinking about the "mystery KH game" again, and I've come up with a theory of sorts. First, the context. The "mystery" KH game was first referenced in March 2010, when Nomura claimed that there were two KH games in development other than Kingdom Hearts 3, one of which would be out that...
  2. Ikkin

    Vanitas' Novel Backstory

    I saw this linked on TV Tropes forums yesterday, and I thought some of you might find it interesting: Dark Memory. The novels aren't fully canon, of course, but it's still pretty good fodder for personal-canon if you don't mind a more sympathetic portrayal of Vanitas. (He's still not anywhere...
  3. Ikkin

    Hollow Bastion - Help?

    Okay, so, I've got three out of the four emblem pieces, but I can't find the last. I tried using GameFAQs to see where the last one was, but it doesn't seem to be where it says it should be. D= What I have: - A piece from the table in the library - A piece from the high platform at the castle...
  4. Ikkin

    Connection: The Realm of Darkness and The World That Never Was

    When watching the playthrough of the Secret Episode earlier today, I noticed that there was something familiar about the Realm of Darkness, which reminded me quite strongly of Kingdom Hearts II -- or, more specifically, The World That Never Was. I'd always found the creepy mist in TWTNW to be...
  5. Ikkin

    Birth By Sleep Vol. 2 Worlds Theory/Speculation

    So, everyone who's seen the Secret Movie to BbS FM knows how Aqua ends up in front of the Castle of Dreams in the Realm of Darkness. We also saw the big giant hole in the Realm of Darkness that looked like it shot out a whole bunch of darkness into the Realm of Light. (It actually looks a lot...
  6. Ikkin

    Terra Shows His Stuff

    Alternate title: What It Would Look Like If A Man Had To Meet The Same Expectations As Videogame Women. ;) You know you want him. ;)
  7. Ikkin

    Namine, Ventus, and Castle Oblivion

    This isn't really a theory, just a strange connection I noticed: So, we all know, from the Secret Ansem Reports in KH2, that Namine was born as a Nobody in Castle Oblivion. Now, that's kind of strange - as far as we know, there weren't any other Nobodies who were found there. We also know...
  8. Ikkin

    Knowledge and Truth in Kingdom Hearts

    Something I find rather interesting about the Kingdom Hearts games past the first one - and something I'm sure a lot of you find frustrating - is the way the series deals with what we, as the players, know. In one sense, it's a big mess of retcon. There's a blatant disregard for what we've...
  9. Ikkin

    Nomura interview in EGM

    Found this on Neogaf: EGM[i]: The Digital Magazine It seems to require the most recent version of Flash to read, but there's an interview with Nomura about Birth by Sleep, KH3, and the future of Kingdom Hearts. A lot of the information is repeated from recent interviews, except with...
  10. Ikkin

    The future of the Keyblade War

    Does anyone remember this bit of interview, from way way way back, not too long after the release of KH2? XI. Concerning the keyword Keyblade War, could you be a little more specific about that? Could it be related to the "Fairytale of Children and Light" that Kairi's Grandmother...
  11. Ikkin

    Terra's obsessed with power?

    I just don't see it. Master Eraqus claims that's the reason why Terra's dark, and all the bad guys treat Terra as if he'd do whatever it takes to make himself stronger, and yet... he honestly doesn't seem all that interested in it, and usually acts because the villains offering him power also...
  12. Ikkin

    Opening the Door, and the Next World

    It's been said throughout the Kingdom Hearts games that Sora will be the one to open the Door to the Light. In Birth by Sleep, Xehanort mentions in his reports that the one who opens the Door will create the Next World. This suggests that, in the end, Sora will bring about the creation of the...
  13. Ikkin

    "Abercrombie and Stitch" (Birth by Sleep)

    ...what, you can't deny Terra would make a good Abecrombie and Fitch model, right? ;)
  14. Ikkin

    Aqua and Phil in Olympus Coliseum

    Okay, so I just watched Aqua's story in Olympus Coliseum with fansubs on Youtube... and... well, wow. Phil's treatment of Aqua is seriously the most disturbing thing I've seen in this series. D= I'm not really sure how to take the way Aqua reacts, though, since she kind of seems to act as if...
  15. Ikkin

    Some Kingdom Hearts-related linguistic curiosity

    Just a couple of questions for anyone who knows Japanese: First, about "hearts." From what I can find on Google, it seems that the Japanese concept of the heart ("kokoro") is significantly different from our Western conception of the heart as something purely emotional. Since Kingdom Hearts...
  16. Ikkin

    "You are the one who will open the door to the light"

    Okay, quick and simple theory here. Sora is told multiple times throughout the first Kingdom Hearts that he will open the door to the light, by the mysterious voice from his Destati. The last time it happens, it's the last line of the game - it's a dangling plot hook for the next games, and...
  17. Ikkin

    Yet another Xehanort theory

    The question of just who Apprentice!Xehanort used to be is probably one of the biggest mysteries of Birth by Sleep, and there are good arguments for quite a few characters out there - Terra, Master Xehanort, Vanitas, or any combination of the three. I'm not going to make a case for any one of...
  18. Ikkin

    Destati and the nature of Keyblade wielding

    I was listening to some Kingdom Hearts music earlier, and I decided it might be interesting to get a translation for the Italian choral parts from Destati (the song played when Sora has his Awakening in KH1). Here's the translation I found, from Square Enix Music Online: Awaken! Extend your...
  19. Ikkin

    Theory: Axel's Other knew Ven

    I'll try to explain in three simple steps: 1) Nobodies technically cannot feel emotions, since they don't have hearts. However, they still have memories that contain their former selves' emotions, so they are able to re-experience emotions through their memories. 2) Axel says that being...
  20. Ikkin

    On the existence (or lack thereof) of Nobodies

    The true nature of a Nobody's existence (/lack of existence) is something that's hinted at, but never really said straight out, which tends to cause confusion about what they really are and how they came to be (/not to be). However, I think I might have managed to piece together a full...