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  1. K


    man I am sooo cluless I haven't seen anything
  2. K

    New about Master Form

    ya it could be either the pic is kinda vaigue but maybe if you studied it I\it looks like someone has so whatever comclusion you came to is better than I could be
  3. K

    New about Master Form

    I'm open to anything I haven't even seen the pic, its been a while since ive been on
  4. K

    What about Paine???

    Paine is FFX-2 I think they were putting FFX characters in so Yuna and Riku Maybe Lu-Lu
  5. K

    Looking Foward

    I'm looking forward to fight on all the new worlds but if there are some real challenges in Destiny Island then that will be my favorite I think and I want to see how much bigger it is
  6. K

    Fanfiction ► This Is The Kingdom Hearts 2 Ending

    a where did you come up with this it could happen where did you hear it or did you hear it at all?
  7. K

    2 discs???

    theres gonna be two discs probly but I doubt that one will be sora and the other bhk I think they will just be part one and part two
  8. K

    ansem and diz

    there is no ansem anymore he way destroyed there is only diz
  9. K

    Light, Dark or Twilight?

    there has already been a poll on this subject posted by me with this exsact subject line!
  10. K

    worlds in EGM article

    sry but just cause it says it a magazine doesn't mean it's confirmed
  11. K

    More Battle pics

    those r cool but I've seen them
  12. K

    I Previewed Kingdom Hearts 2!

    where did you play a demo prove it
  13. K

    KH2 Keyblades

    there is a rumor that you will be able to customise keyblades in KH2
  14. K

    what if sora was black or any other race

    that would be weird
  15. K

    KH transfer to KH2?

    it would be nice if you could but you can't we'ra starting fresh
  16. K

    in-between existence

    ok then the The non-existent ones are neither light nor dark at first
  17. K

    in-between existence

    how do you figure they don't say anything about light or dark so they can't say something is inbetween when they don't say what it is inbetween
  18. K

    in-between existence

    think again there is a guy who has the right idea under you beotch
  19. K

    in-between existence

    no it is the The non-existent ones it is just another way of saying not it's twilight
  20. K

    Light, Dark, or Twilight

    hey ne1 in here post in th in-between existance thread please