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    just a question

    i know there are some changes between kh2 final mix+ and kh2, but are there enough changes to buy final mix+?
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    Ultima-wepon trouble

    Hey has anyone got the ultima-wepon yet cause i need help!I need to know where I can get orichulum + other than cheasts because i already got all of the cheasts.If some one could help me it would sure be ,well helpful
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    What do you think of the summons?

    I thought the lack of summons were disappointing but I thought the worst summon was Chicken Little and the best was Stitch
  4. S


    If anyone has beat the game yet could you tell me who all are summons?
  5. S

    Soras HP gauge

    If you look at all of the scans of sora fighting you will see that in all of them the HP gauge is high,do you think his hp starts kinda high?Just woundering:confused:
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    *theory*of KH2 cover

    I noticed that if you look on the side of the cover where BHK is looking you will see one of the order its possible that that is Riku i mean who else could it be?
  7. S

    BHK's name?

    It turns out that BHK's name is rumored to be Siru I found out from KHinsider If you look closly his name is a fusion of Sora And Rikus name:eek:
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    Create-a-fusion new and improved

    Example,you dont have to space it out as much as i did,: Color Purple Mode name Fright mode How it is obtained Defeating Oogie Boogie What does it do Scare heartless to death Attacks you can do with it Spooky strike Fuse with who Jack Skellington
  9. S


    Okay thi is how it works,example: Fusion color:green Fusion name:Nature mode How it was recieved:Obtained from Merlin after getting Curagaga What does it do:It keeps sora from losing health for 30 seconds
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    Do you think Stitch is a summon Charecter

    If you look at the latest clip on khinsider you will see Stitch blasting heartless
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    Princesses of heart again??

    Dont get mad if this hade already been made but on khinsider.com there was a picture of Elizabeth from PoTC.it said she could be a princess of heart.Do you think it is true??
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    Who's your fave on KH2

    I think Sora cub is cool if you havent seen him go to KHinsider.com he's cool.Incase of stupid people its from the lion king world:rolleyes: :eek: :p
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    Cool Summon Characters

    I think a cool summon character would be Baloo from Jungle Book
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    FF ends in KH2?

    I've heard alot of rumors about FF ending in KH2 it cant be true,could it?
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    Worlds to return/New

    So far levels i heard of are..... 1.Agrabah 2.Disney Castal 3.Pirates of the Carribian 4.Ancient China(Mulan) 5.Holloween Town 6.Twighlight Town 7.Pride Lands 8.Beasts Castal 9.Lelo and Stitch(maybe) If anyone has anymore tell me.......