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    Discworld is a fantasy world. Basically, it's a giant disc that sits on the backs of four elephants, who in turn circle around on the shell of a giant turtle. It's not your standard fantasy, though. Though you'll find all the races--humans, dwarves, elves, trolls, gnomes, werewolves...
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    Help/Support ► Discarded

    I have been a good friend of someone for nearly two years now. We used to trust one another and she would tell me how she felt and I would do the same for her. We would share our lives and our pasts and what we thought about things. We were very close, but then... Around this springtime she...
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    Help/Support ► Whoa! friend issues

    Right, so earlier today I upset my friend. She had sent me an email saying that she felt horrible about a previous week's happenings that left us both sad and ashamed. When I tried to explain something to her, she became angry and ignored me until just recently this evening (a common so-called...
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    Valid and invalid circular logic

    Right, we all know what circular reasoning is by now. A = B and B = C means that A = C, undisputedly. (This is transitive property, as applied to mathematics. Let's look at some scenarios regarding circular reasoning. Bob = human. Human = alive. So Bob = alive. This works, because Bob is...
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    Existance--God is as real as Mathematics

    I have heard it pointed out many times that God is unscientific because they only way to prove he does exist is through circular reasoning. Prove that God exists without using: The Bible Other Christians Christian stories Now prove that mathematics exists. And you're not allowed to use any...
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    President Bush's State of the Union

    I'm not really expecting a lot of you to have watched, especially the non-Americans here, but I was wondering what kind of discussion it could start. First off, a lot of Bush's plans for economical reform, especially eliminating the federal deficit without raising taxes, seems nearly impossible...
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    The Death of Saddam

    The other day I saw a political cartoon. In the first frame a mob of angry people jeer at a pair of dangling feet. The caption reads "the Medieval Ages". In the second frame, the crowd remains, and instead of just seeing the feet dangling, we see the feet dangling on a website that reads...
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    Does Santa counter the Christian values of Christmas?

    I just watched a short blurb from a radio priest who brought up this arguement... Basically, is it bad for parents to tell children Santa Clause exists because it is a lie and will mentally harm the child later in his life? And also, does Santa take away from the Christian values of Christmas...
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    Is justice just?

    I tribute these ideas to a Greek philosopher (can't recall which one atm, I'll go check) and would like to ask these questions: 1. What is justice? 2. Who can justly administer justice? 3. Is administering justice unjust, because justice means harming the unjust, which itself if unjust...
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    Is religion, overall, a harmful or beneficial thing to humanity?

    I know side arguements have come up about this in other threads, but I'd like to consolidate it here. I believe that, despite religions that teach to kill others in suicide bombings or religions that tell followers to discriminate aganst others, religion as a whole is beneficial to society...
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    Do you believe that Artificial Intelligence can exist? If so, what exactly makes it artificial intelligence?
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    "Dragonslyer" by Dream Evil

    I heard the song "Chosen Ones" by Dream Evil in the album Dragonslayer the other day, and the song left a good impression on me. I know this is a bit of a shot in the dark, but has anyone heard this entire album and is willing to recommend or... well... disreccomend? I just want to find out...
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    "Turn the Other Cheek"

    So the bible says to turn the other cheek, to always let others harm you without retaliation. But obviously this isn't the case... it's human instinct to survive, and I can only think of a select few religious figures who actually hold true to the other cheek principle. So here are some...
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    State of Grace

    Anyone heard of this CD series? (There are 3 total.) It's kind of choral latin put to an orchestra in a new-age fashion. Very interesting blend, I think.
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    Conformity and Non-Conformity

    So you've always been told to be yourself. Be an individual, to pursue your own goals and dreams. Basically, you're supposed to be non-conformist... just like everyone else. However, at what point does nonconformity become rediculous? Emerson, one of the first Transcendentalists, talked...
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    Rome: Total War and Medieval II: Total War

    Any of you play rts? If you do I recommend both Rome: Total War and am pretty sure Medieval II: Total War as well. The Total War series isn't like most other cheesy rts... the campaign is turn-based but the battles are very realistic and realtime based, very historically accurate. The...