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  1. K

    An Old Quote of Leon's

    If this has been talked about before then sorry. But anyway, I know it's sort of a long shot, but if you remember the cutscence in KH when Leon & Aerith are explain the Keyblade to Sora, he says two things i defiantly remember. A] The keyblade chooses it's wielder. B] Boy, did it pick a dud this...
  2. K

    Way To Dawn/Light/Darkness

    I like the ideas. I'm not sure if there are actual ways to places, but having the door to light lead them to DI makes sense to me because that's like their home, it's kinda THEIR door to lead them to where they should be. I wonder what happened w/ their parents? lol Kairi would sound so senile...
  3. K

    new name for unbirths

    What is an Unbirth or Unborn or watever?
  4. K

    Help/Support ► Having trouble sleeping at night.

    lol i got that problem now, like right now lol.
  5. K

    Help/Support ► Music is failing me

    Ne-yo isn't gay!! ok sweet. =] but he likes the rumors, it spreads his name. & yea, Coldplay is an inspiration right now, i love Violet Hill, & I like OneRepublic pretty well too. But it would take 4ever to name all my artists so... yea.
  6. K

    Help/Support ► Advice would be Nice

    I found myself where you are not too long ago. First, if you really feel so distant & have all these little things, now is the time to be quiet, & peacefully think things out. This may be a bit risky, but you need to think it ALL out, & argue all day with yourself until you can come to a...
  7. K

    Help/Support ► dreams are taking my sanity, help would be great

    I used to have dreams like this. But you think this is robbing you of your sanity? I havs dreams that completly contradict my "awake" self, yet when I'm asleep, I don't even hesitate to do what i didn't think i ever wanted. It's like in my dreams, I do the opposite of myself, or who i thought i...
  8. K

    Help/Support ► Music is failing me

    thx, again. I actually got PO'ed becuz my cousin's told me Ne-yo was gay. He's like my fav. male artist & an idol, & if he's gay, he's writing is mostly fake, all he really sings about is girls. His writing is great, but if it's fake... anyway I actually wrote a song in about 15 minutes, my...
  9. K

    Help/Support ► itt HELP ME YOU ASSHOLES

    AHA! So you too are also failing music! & i'm guessing you write Rock lyrics right? I'm not going to judge your lyrics, mostly because the idea of the sound behind them is mine. & btw it's awesome I can actually hear sound behind unknown lyrics again! But anyway good luck, your on your way, &...
  10. K

    Help/Support ► Music is failing me

    yea, your right. I'll try. Thanks for the help guys/girls.
  11. K

    Help/Support ► Music is failing me

    btw I'm 14 actually. anyway, I've tried new music, but it all ends up being old news too fast. & i'm actually like this alot, so it's not just a slump.
  12. K

    Help/Support ► Music is failing me

    Or maybe I'm failing music idk lol. You see, i just got a Zune [ipod superior] like 2 months ago for my Jr.High graduation. I LOVE MUSIC TO DEATH. Music keeps me & alot of other people Sane. Blah, blah, blah, point is I NEED MY MUSIC! but lately, it's not doing me much good. You see, I want to...
  13. K

    Internet dead as of 2012-2013

    I would post the video here, but i'm on my wii. I was on Youtube, & on the most active videos, one was called "The end of sex and porn." I thought wow, lol i might as well see wat crazy theory this is. To summarize, official sources are saying main internet providers are going to give their...
  14. K

    BbS title secret... WARNING:THEORY

    lol wow. So your saying that... There's some kinda confusion battle that started becuz of something made while something was sleeping? lol u gotta put this together 4 me bud.
  15. K

    Help/Support ► Is it me or is it me expecting when I shouldn't?

    You nvr know, they could really appreciate everything & just don't tell you. But it isn't your fault, your a good friend.
  16. K

    Help/Support ► Any Bi, gay,or Lebsians out there

    lol ok then, muffin man. haha wow, I should quote that in my very sry signiture.
  17. K

    Is Coded canceled?

    yah, on cellphone sounds really dum. sry, my opinion.
  18. K

    Who would you want to be?

    I just kinda randomly thought... wat if i was white, with white hair (shiny), & dark green eyes? So let's not turn this into a race thing, be open-minded. If the KH characters weren't famous, would you want to look like them? If you choose some1 of a different race that's fine, & plz don't trip...
  19. K


    i can't find anywhere to see the first final mix secret video.
  20. K

    will KH2 FM+ come to North America

    It had better be released outside Japan! One of Roxas' dreams didn't make sense... made me mad. I can understand Japan getting 1 mix' but 2?! That is a lit of $ lost and disappointed fans. Be smart Square Enix/Disney. It's not out yet because Nomura ( probably spelled wrong ) knows he makes...