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  1. V

    Holy Crap! Nomura never says...

    Nomura never says that Aqua is the third character in BBS. No aqua! And again ... NO AQUA! I'm not saying it's not her, but there haven't been any screen shots of aqua either. What do you think?
  2. V

    Nomura Confirmed only two ways to travel between worlds, so...

    Which do you think VAT will use to travel from world to world? In the Directors Secret Report II he says that there are 1) The Gummi Ship and 2) the Corridors of Darkness.
  3. V

    Is the Old KH2 Secret Movie still valid...?

    TMM doesn't seem to think so! i do think that it is still valid for a number of reasons. 1. the two videos could have taken place at differnt times. 2. the person walking toward VAT has a totally different stance then MX 3. The sky looks different, as if it is a different place, or time of...
  4. V

    What do you think the new enemy is made from?

    Normally, i would put a poll... but this is too broad. What do you think is the part(s) of a person that make up the new enemy?
  5. V

    Square-Enix Store E-Mail Notification

    The Square-Enix Store is now offering to notify by E-Mail when the Grand Opening will occur. HERE is the link. EDIT: This is in the wrong place...
  6. V

    Terra is Xehanort's Avenger

    What was this code he is speaking of? Well, here is a picture. The top line reads: jrq\p@3k\s0 4zrok tkufwo The Bottom Line reads: cjq@/x@/lt;s ck2ql zut@ The Top Line translates to: “Master Xehanort’s Avenger, his name is Terra.” the Bottom Line translates to: “Not yet awakened, he is...
  7. V

    Mickey's Clothes are... familiar

    We know that Sora was able to use Drive Forms when he gain his new outfit. The outfit that Mickey ahs in the New Secret Movie is all black as opposed to his Sora-like outfit in KH2. So, do you think that before KH2, Mickey was given new clothes by the Fairy Godmothers to use drive forms? What...
  8. V

    What do you think this means...

    At the end of the Square-Enix party trailer of the Next KH, it says, "New information was scheduled to be announced in Tokyo Game Show 2007". Why do you think it said was and not is? There is still another day of the party, do you think that info could be released now because the word "was" is...
  9. V

    ES name

    Land is translated terra, tellus, ager, solum, humus. Land is Riku in English. Do you think these are possible names for the ES?
  10. V

    The Last Remnant is...!

    It is confirmed that the Last Remnant is NOT a KH game, rather a completely new game. From Game*Spark: (Sorry, this is directly translated from the site so it is a little off.)
  11. V


    How do you get renders out of the KH games? If it were possible, could you extract render of a the room that Xemnas held the FS in or the outskirts of Twilight Town to find out if it is near Sunset Horizons?
  12. V

    Next KH Name

    The Last Remnant IS NOT CONFIRMED TO BE THE NAME OF THE NEXT KINGDOM HEARTS! Do not refer to the next KH as such. I am sorry if i lead anyone to believe that it was. http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-ii-final-mix/82606-square-registers-new-name.html
  13. V

    Square Registers a New name!

    Squre-Enix just registered the name, "The Last Remnant." Anyone thinking of Kingdom Hearts: The Last Remnant?:thumbsup: Originally from HERE.
  14. V

    Trading Cards

    What is your opinion? :confused:
  15. V

    Next KH Handheld

    Which would you MOST like it to be on (if it does in fact come out on a handheld)? You don't even have to want it on a handheld... but if worst comes to worst which would be the most tolerable?
  16. V

    Big hong and Small hong keyblades

    on the action replay, you can get two new keyblades, Big hong and Small hong keyblades. does anyone have pictures
  17. V

    Yen Sid's Book

    This is all contained in the book on Yen Sid's Desk. I didn't make this up, it is from the game. Think it is still significant?
  18. V

    Email Square-Enix

    Email them at: support@square-enix-usa.com Try and email from all of your email accounts (if you have multiple accounts).
  19. V

    Roxas/Axel Full story in Another Report

    This is a fully translated version of the Another Report story "Roxas-Somewhere in Time". Thanx to KHU Mors for the translation! Who thinks the crow is Maleficent?
  20. V

    Nomura talks of "Keyblade Wars" platform

    In part XI of the Directors Secret Report http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-ii-final-mix/81488-secret-report-interview-compilation.html What do you think?!?!?!