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    I must bid farewell everyone! I can't continue to stand the n00bs in here and the retarded 25 characters rule. So bid farewell! I will never return. *opens dark portal* Even if I say this who would miss me and my GREAT theories? Farewell... *goes throuht dark portal* *leaves a letter* TO ALL...
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    The Struggle for light, something else?

    Kairi's Grandmother's words: A long time ago people wanted the light for themselves and darkness was born in their hearts. Does this light refers to Ansem wanting more knowledge of the hearts? Because in KHII Xemnas says that Ansem is the source of all heartless. This had me thinking. Ok heres...
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    Best Man For Larxene. Axel or Marluxia?

    Id vote for Marluxia, since Axel doesn't pay any attention to her. Anyways, Axel and Saix would make a great pair since they both are... I don't know, evil?
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    Namine's words

    When I was playing KHII Namine said this: "You may not know its me, but I may not know its you!" What did she meant by that?
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    Xemnas, Trying to remember something or seeking a friend?

    Xemnas was usually seen in the Room of Sleep. He was always there sleeping to gain something. Xigbar said that there was a Room of Awakening since there is a Room of Sleep and thats Xemnas target. He also said that Xemnas has a friend in the Room of Sleep and that his sleeping because he might...
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    Theory That Ven isn't Roxas nor Sora

    You all know Ven right? The caharcter that looks like Roxas? Well, heres a theory: We all know that many companes use many startegies to sell games, right? Well, whats SE's strategy? Simple, they reused Roxs designs and make him look a little different and maked him participate in BBS! So whats...
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    Anti-Form, useful?

    Is antiform useful or not?
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    Defeating Boss in Anti-Form?

    Pretty sure, but ti ould be hard since you can't use magic. Also, if your planing on doing so, then expect long minutes of anti action and boringness.
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    Zack, in future KH game? THEORY

    We all know Zack from FFVIICC, right? Well, we all remember that Hades has control over the undead and he revived Auron, what if he does the same thing with Zack?! Anyways, we al remember that in KH1 he had control over Cloud and Cloud is a hero, making Hades have a posibility to conrol Zack...
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    Connection between Luxord and Setzer... ?

    I know! I just wanted for people to notice this strange thing that keeped me bug. But i seems strange that both have gambling powers and dirty playing.
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    Opinion on Demyx

    His a weak prson whom for some strange reason joined te org. I don't know why Lexeaus and Xigbar recruited him in the org because his is so weak. ~ragnarok
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    Connection between Luxord and Setzer... ?

    Thismay seem weird but I believe that Luxord and Setzer have a connection. They are both gamblers and like dirty games. ~ragnarok
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    Malice and Melevolent, the enemy of BBS

    Good reason. Nomura said this of the enemies: "They are wild/natural" As in they can extinct and are very wild. ~ragnarok
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    Malice and Melevolent, the enemy of BBS

    If she commands the enemies hy didn't se used them in KH 1? ~ragnarok
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    What are Donalds an Goofys role in BBS??

    They are apprentices of Yen Sid andare the partners of Mickey. Also, Mickey aways told them to follow the "key", since Mickey has the "key" they follow him. ~ragnarok
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    Roxas's Heart

    OK people! Let's get to the start of all plots, KH! Now, let's visualize the scene where Sora sticks Riku's keyblade in his chest and let's all the hearts of the princesses free. Now, we know that Roxas in the organization was an empty puppet. But in Twilight Town, he was like an energy filled...
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    Room of Sleep=Aqua Room of Awakening=???

    The scene where Xigbar eavesdrops Zexion in KHIIFM+ He says this: "If there's the Room of Sleep, that Ansem sealed, then the Room of Awakening is what Xemnas is searching! There is where the OTHER FRIEND MUST BE!" Since in the Room of Sleep is Aqua, who is in the Room of Awakening? It might be...
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    Genie, knower of events from BBS

    You know, you all have been posting that is not possible for Genie to be in BBS but think about this: Genie is released by Mickey. Mickey uses his two wishes to help Terra, Aqua and Ven. Mickey uses his last wish to make Genie forget about what happened in the war making him only remember about...
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    Genie, knower of events from BBS

    While I was playing KHI, Genie said this: "Keyhole? I remember hearing about that," We can say that since MX is after KH he needs all seven princesses of hearts counting Jasmine. Since Genie heard about a keyhole, he might know about the events of BBS. Also, he might be either an ally or a...
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    Another Question

    Hm... Nice theory! Maybe since Hollow Bastion and other worlds take place in BBS, there's a small cance that TT will take place. his will also explain what happened to the mansion 10 years ago. ~ragnarok