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    Help/Support ► Too Skinny? I need Advice!

    Hey guys, once gain, CAB landed himself into something over his own head, and he must break down and let it out. I am INTENSELY concerned with a person close to my heart, (you may know of me speaking about her in my "Inner Conflic" thread). When i saw her (for the first time since last year...
  2. C


    I'm curious, if you had to choose a superweapon from C&C in order to defeat whoever, which would you pick? First up, the Nuclear missile, I don't even think i need to explain this one. You launch a missile of death, and it comes with all sorts of extra goodies like a mushroom cloud, and in...
  3. C

    Help/Support ► Inner Conflict.

    Yeah, looks like i'm finally breaking down and looking for help on this forum :rolleyes: normally, I wouldn't take my problems here, because A) I hate dumping my crap on people B)I dislike sounding like an emo nutjob. However, even i can't tolerate my own stupidity at this point, and i'm...
  4. C

    DDT and Nuclear Power: Did We Jump the gun?

    How many of us have read Rachel Carson's Silent Spring? Kinda scary wasn't it? but once you started reading it, you should have noticed something. In the case of DDT, she made alot of speculation. "thousand could die of cancer in the future". 40 years later, has anyone died from DDT? no...
  5. C

    What system do you own?

    I'm doing a project, and i'm just curious what current systems you own I'm also curious myself. I'm guessing most people have a Wii, then the 360, folowed by the PS3 in numbers of ownership. **********NOTE******************* the second option for Xbox 360 and the playstion 3 was supposed to...
  6. C

    Help/Support ► Eagle projects of doom!

    Yeah, i'm stressed School has been sucking the life out of me, and now i have to finish up my last few requirements for eagle scout. I just went and talked with a local railroad museum ( i love railroads, by the way) and i got a project, and what a project it is! I have an old Central of New...
  7. C

    Outcome of Halo- Finish the Fight!

    yeah, for those of us who play Halo and have been following the storyline, well all know that the Storyline is going to come to a dramatic climax sometime between September and November. From what we know about Halo 3 already, the Elites have joined up with the humans after the Covenant kicked...
  8. C

    Help/Support ► Being the Bearer of bad news

    how do you tell your friend that he has no hope in a relationship he'd like to have, without actually nuking the kid. on the internet, if you tell someone its not gonna happen they might actually take you seriously. However, i fear being met with anger or some other ridiculousness. i have...
  9. C

    Favorite Hobby

    Whats your favorite hobby. Clearly the worlds greatest hobby is none other than Model railroading, but there are so many different kinds! You can vote for your hobby, or pick other. In either case, describe what you like most about your hobby! I know i like modelrailroading because it...
  10. C

    Who Hear remembers Einhander?

    hey, i'm pretty sure thats a Square game, (although it may be Pre-merger). I loved that game, it was very influential on me and my ideas of cool stuff. gotta love that SKB-08 on the tarmac, and the same with that satelite thingy that shoots from the "Stratogen" spacecraft. Amazing stuff, i...
  11. C

    best Cartoon from the old days

    I'll attempt to redeem myself here with a legitimate topic. I don't know about you guys, but i feel like since i used to watch cartoons, things have changed drastically. I remember shows like, Hey Arnold, Dexter's Laboratory, Are you Afraid of the Dark, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. now most...
  12. C

    Heartless VS The Flood

    which is worse? Yeah, before you all explode, read my logic Because i have been bored much of my spring break, my mind actually did some thinking, and it figured that the Flood and Heartless are more or less equally horrifying. 1. both multiply like crap by taking over someone's body and...
  13. C

    the man who does not belong

    I do not belong here, yet here i am. the only reason i found this site was through searching for Einhander soundtracks. ironically, it took me a few weeks to figure out this was a kingdom hearts site. I have never once played the games, but i am interested in the storyline and characters and...