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    A Stray Thought on MX and Riku...

    So after some thinking, I now see the possibility of MX being Riku's grandfather. YES, I AM AWARE THAT FAMILY DOESN'T APPEAR TO BE IMPORTANT IN KH, however, just consider these hints from BBS: 1.) MX's battle stance - That's right, his stance from the final battle. Why else would he be...
  2. D

    Braig Boss Battle

    In case anyone's interested, here's the Braig boss battle. Epic music too. YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Boss Battle PSP GamePlay 3
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    What's Your Plan of Action?

    Been waiting to make this thread. Alright, so BBS is coming out in less than a week. Many KH fans (including me) have been anxiously waiting for this promising addition to the series for more than two years now. Now that it's coming out in Japan, I think quite a few of us would like to stay...
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    Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection Interview

    Includes snippets from Dearly Beloved and and unknown track. Comes out in May: YouTube - Yoko Shimomura KH Piano collections interview
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    Yoko Shimomura Performs New Song For BBS!

    Great news! From KH-Vids:
  6. D


    Can someone please fully translate this new interview? Kingdom Hearts Network v10+ || Image Viewer Kingdom Hearts Network v10+ || Image Viewer
  7. D

    Birth by Sleep - Controls

    Alright, this is what I think the controls will be, using all the information we have so far. Just a quick recap of the main battle system: Here's a typical battle in BBS: Now then, the way it works is you attack with circle (this is only in the Japanese version; you attack with X in the...
  8. D

    Quick questions...

    Can someone quickly clarify these for me? 1.) The "world of nothingness" that Ansem was exiled to before the events of CoM, was it the realm of darkness, the realm of nothingness, or whatever? 2.) How many realms are there? According to Xehanort, there's: The present realm, the realm of...
  9. D

    Three Things That Might Be Worth Mentioning...

    Like the title says, nothing too big, but they're probably worth noting anyway: 1.) At the end of the KH2:FM secret ending, Terra does something a bit strange: just before he takes off his helmet, he stabs his Keyblade into the ground. Now why would he do this? Anyone could understand it if...
  10. D

    Where did the Keyblade War take place?

    So where exactly do you think this war happened? IMO, it most likely happened in The Great Maw in Radiant Garden because it seems big enough for a war, and Xehanort appeared collapsed in that world right after it. Plus, if the theories of the war being "light vs darkness" were true, on one end...
  11. D

    Bridge To Terabithia in BBS?

    *SPOILERS FOR MOVIE* I've mentioned this before in another thread, but I think it's highly possible for BtT to be a world in BBS. Most likely, some worlds are exclusive to only one scenario (to not make the game a bit boring by playing through the same worlds each time), so BtT will most...
  12. D

    Messages And Quotes That May Tie In With KH3

    In an unreleased KH trailer many months back, many interesting phrases popped up. Nomura has stated that the three three upcoming games are all connected to KH3. Could these mean something?: Unreleased trailer: "Their wounds cannot be healed if you get lost in the darkness." "Join your hands...
  13. D

    Fresh "New Enemy" Theory

    Alright, I got some new ideas. This theory is based on Anima Relic's BBS NEW ENEMY THEORY Heart+Body+Soul: Whole person Heart (With darkness): Heartless Heart (Without darkness): None Body+Heart: Death Body+Soul: Nobody Soul: Death Soul+Heart: New Enemy? We know that a heart is a part...
  14. D

    Reasons Why Mickey MIGHT Be The Third Playable Character.

    Though we have much evidence indicating Aqua as the third playable character, Mickey seems to be an equal possibility. 1.) Before KH was thought up, SE and Disney thought of different possibilities for their game. One idea was a "Mickey RPG". Why shouldn't they rehash that idea here? I think...
  15. D

    358/2 Days Release Date (RUMOR) by French Magazine

    Kingdom Fantasy - News Kingdom Hearts - Rumeur I Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sort le 23 juillet 2008 au Japon Geez, the French really seem to know a lot about the 3 new games. So apparantly, 358/2 Days is gonna be released on July 23 in Japan, according to their "Japanese Blog Source". Keep in...
  16. D

    Ven's Other Possible Full Names and DS's Name

    I'm bored and I thought up some stuff so... Ven: Ventus - Wind Ventosora - Conceited (Don't judge this one too quickly - many tiny things hint to this) Dark Soldier: Incendia, Ignis, Flamma - Fire Aestuo - Blaze I meant to make a poll but I messed up. Just say which name sounds good for...
  17. D

    Master Xehanort's Connection To Ansem's Apprentices

    If you look in the KH2:FM secret ending, Xehanort seems to have the powers of Ansem's apprentices (except Xehanort, ironically). And yes, only the apprentices, not the other Organization members, nor are his magic attacks coming from his Keyblade (comes from his hand), which is what makes it...
  18. D

    Full (from the information we have so far) Description Of The BBS Battle System

    I've been seeing a ton of threads with people being confused about the battle system in BBS, so I thought I'd explain it all here (from the information we have so far) (Sources at bottom): It's a mixture of an improved deck-based battle system (CoM) and a more athletic hack-and-slash system...