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    Official Site?!?!?!?

    Oh wait...did Nomura just say FF:AC was coming out before KH:II? Oh.....yea he did.....oops...
  2. R

    the unkowns and their elements

    Havnt posted here ina while but the Grass element made me laugh.
  3. R

    *New KH2 Jump Scan!!*

    hopefully next week or in a couple of days they will have better ones...
  4. R

    *New KH2 Jump Scan!!*

    if you guys stop crying and clear your eyes for a second you can see Sora fighting an Organization member in one of the pictures.
  5. R


    I think Sora will learn fusion with Cloud because he look likes a mix with Vincent and since they are both confirmed for kh2, it would look kinda wierd if that wasnt a fusion. Since you use two blades while in fusion, BHK doesnt seem like the person to teach Sora...I hope they have Square...
  6. R

    Theory about Dark Cloud

    NICE THEORY. That might be how u learn how to combine with your players (through cloud teaching u or something). Hopefully thats true because if they keep Cloud like that and have Vincent a seperate char that would seem kinda wierd...
  7. R

    Theme song for Kingdom Hearts II

    Re: Music Disco beats of the 70s and 80s
  8. R


    Considering Vincent has been confirmed as one of the chracters, heres my question: What will they do to Clouds outfit? They look as if they spliced two awsome characters to try and make one badass one (KH1/COM) So whats gunna go happen now? Anyone think they will have the Advent Children...
  9. R

    Glowing Eye Unknown?

    Re: Geu = ....... howabout this...we have know idea who he really is. He could be Replica Sora for all we know
  10. R

    A KH battle royale

    unfortunatly we have never seen DiZ in action, but just by looks alone, it looks as if were going to have to fight him in KH2 or something. He looks like he can handle on his own. Lexeus vs Hercules - I couldnt tell ya :-) It could go either way
  11. R

    Aerith no more?

    during the end credits (KH1), Aeris and Cloud meetup and it seems to be the beginning of their relationship. I doubt they will have Sephiroth kill her in KH2 for plot conflict issues. Heres the real question, if Vincent is confirmend for KH2, what are they going to do with Cloud's outfit...
  12. R


    ouch. Yea he is imperfect, isnt he missing a heart or something...
  13. R

    why does BFU wears a blindfold?

    Your theory about his sence of darkness seems right, good job. But just to throw this out, you cant increase your sences in real life. You would have the same sence capabilities of anyone else even if you were blind. You would only have to rely on them more. Its not like you gain experiance and...
  14. R

    Choosing the 2 Keyblades

    Defeat Sephiroth for his One Winged Angel and to get Diamond Dust you defeat the Ice Titan in Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix. Final Mix is only in Japan so good luck with that one...
  15. R

    Ripper/sprite kingdom

    im pretty sure everything is covered Is the sprites resource still working? http://sprites.fireball20xl.com/
  16. R

    Deep Dive explanation in COM??

    Then what your saying is Axel is the third enemy...highly doubt that
  17. R

    Favorite Organization Member

    Zexion hands down. Coolest Hair + rly mysterious. Sux that you dont get to fight him tho...Hope we get to see them again in KH2 considering they all [spoiler] die except axel which was kinda lame
  18. R

    Create an Enemy Boss 1.0

    Jesus life - unlimited exp - you cant get cuz he cant lose difficulty - why bother Attacks - bang bang, your dead
  19. R

    Most Hardest Boss to beat

    Wait...what is this garbage about a Fake Marluxia....Did he really say that after you beat him?
  20. R

    What do want to see in the new games?

    Re: What do you mostly want to see I want to see the Organization cuz that was prolly the coolest addition they made to the series