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  1. J'adore

    Kingdom Hearts II PlayArts and Static Art On Sale!

    I want Roxas Static Arts!! <3
  2. J'adore

    Music ► Generation X, Joy Division - Nick Lagen & NME at it's best.

    Apologies for my spelling mistake.. Logan* Recently got back into this era of music and what not whilst studying the culture of music magazines. I think 70's rock 'n' roll was amazing. Anyone else currently or have always been involved in this at the moment? It would be nice to just have a...
  3. J'adore

    Help/Support ► Weight problems

    I have the same issue, my metabolism is so fast that I digest food simply too quick for my brain or body to comprehend lol. My doctor hasn't said much of it as I always seem to sit just on the borderline between healthy and underweight and never really change. In british terms, I weigh exactly...
  4. J'adore

    Help/Support ► Just some friendly advice please?

    Awh, I am sorry for your losses, I truly am. I'll try not too worry yeah, I guess I just had heard bad things about the medz that's all. I'll be fine once I am on them I am sure. I shall try this picture idea, it would be nice to have her around with me all the time; i have a tattoo on my...
  5. J'adore

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Oblivion of an Oathkeeper

    Yeah I'm going to proof read it tomorrow morning, it's like been a year since I looked it at, I just opened and posted it. Thanks though! I'll be sure to take any criticism. :D
  6. J'adore

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Oblivion of an Oathkeeper

    Hey guys, so I am pretty new to this site and have been writing a fan-fic for about 6 months to a year now. I have been slow though due to University commitments and what not, but have recently picked up and decided it's time I shared the prologue with the world. It kinda' sets the story off in...
  7. J'adore

    Days would have been better if it was on the PSP

    Ah yes I see where you are coming from now. I am unsure, perhaps more features that required better graphics or something. I am just being hopeful lol!
  8. J'adore

    Help/Support ► It's my first time, Be gentle

    Oberon is right, make sure if you do get it, to get it concealed. I have a tattoo representing my Mother on my wrist and it's something that I'll never show nay regret for due to it's meaning, but I am able to hide it whenever even though it's on my wrist. All I need to do is wear long sleeve...
  9. J'adore

    Days would have been better if it was on the PSP

    ..but I am a fan of the game I didn't think it sucked that bad. The storyline at least anyway, I fail to see the bad in most games though, I even thought Yoshi Touch & Go was good.
  10. J'adore

    Days would have been better if it was on the PSP

    Yet with better graphics, I think that's why I wouldn't have minded it being on another system. Although I have no qualms with it being on the DS as you still play as Roxas which is good enough for me. :)
  11. J'adore

    Help/Support ► Just some friendly advice please?

    Thank you very much Wehrmacht. I have just woken up and this message has made me feel great. I have my counselling session in about two hours from now so we'll see how that goes, as for the medicine, yes I will try and be diligent about it. I appreciate your sympathy, it's nice that people I...
  12. J'adore

    Help/Support ► Just some friendly advice please?

    I'm not really a fan of medication, but my doctor is going to attempt this method. I was just curious, thanks for your help there Shawty! Oh right, well I guess I shall let you know how it all goes, add me as a friend if you like, I don't have many on this sit eyet considering I joined today...
  13. J'adore

    Help/Support ► Just some friendly advice please?

    @Shawty I do not have people I can talk to as of yet, I did have a therapist a couple of years back when I went through a simliar trauma but that ended wrong. Thanks for your kind words. @Oberon Your words are wise, I will be going to see a counselor tomorrow who I'm sure will forward the...
  14. J'adore

    Help/Support ► Just some friendly advice please?

    I have been struggling a lot lately trying to cope with the death of my mother. She passed away in November 2007, 5 years ago, yet my doctor has stated that the greif has only began to hit me this year. I have always suffered with emotional problems but they have got worse lately and I am...
  15. J'adore

    Kingdom Key Keychains Now Available on Square Enix Shop!

    I do agree, the price is very steep for such items.
  16. J'adore

    Days would have been better if it was on the PSP

    From what I can see with the poll results, a few people tend to not like days at all, I thought that the game itself wasn't very good, as in how you go about the story, but the story itself I really enjoyed. It was exciting to be apart of the bad guys team, not to mention I adore playing as...
  17. J'adore

    Kingdom Key Keychains Now Available on Square Enix Shop!

    Oh wow, they are pretty cool, I like the silver one a lot.
  18. J'adore


    My name is Jacob, I'm nineteen and a British student studying journalism at university. I have been a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series for about six years now and have only recently stumbled across this site, it wasn't until I realised I was coming on here daily that I thought it would be...