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  1. D

    Communism and Socialism

    What are your thoughts on Lady Liberty's worst enemy? Are you for the common worker? Or are you against the sickle and hammer?
  2. D

    So Long and thanks for all the laughs...

    As it looks now at this moment (redundant much?) I will be leaving the site. I don't think I will be come'n back. Sorry to all those who read my POS fan fiction. I'd just like to say thanks to all the people on the site I knew well or just started to know better. It's been fun hasn't it? If...
  3. D

    My stance on Scientology

    If this is found to offensive feel free to delete. This is my stance on the “Religion” Scientology. I want any scientologists on this site to know that I’m not against your religion just its legal and converting practices. This is not a thread bashing Xenu so if that is what it becomes I will...
  4. D

    THE U.S. OF A

    YouTube - Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES Proud to be an American!
  5. D

    The Lost Star

    Before you read: I was thinking about how God forgives everyone if they ask for forgiveness. I thought of what God would do if the devil ever asked to be forgiven. This is blasphemy but I don’t care. I’m not a Satanist nor do I hate God I just believe that if a demon ever asked for forgiveness...
  6. D

    To you my dearest

    To You My Dearest Such beauty is there in thou so fair. Has my heart ever loved a love before this moment? The world I give to thee if it was I who hold such a prize. I fear the only thing I might give to the beauty so perfect is the heart of a silly child. The grace in how thee moves holds...
  7. D

    Preditor Vs. Samus

    The title says it all. Who would win in a fight? Predator from the comic book series Alien vs. Predator Or Samus from the Metroid series YouTube - predator tribute bodies YouTube - Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Weapons They are both stocked to the teeth in high tec weapons that can kill just...
  8. D

    The world in review!

    It’s a long story... but I will keep it short. Once upon a time organic meat sacks bred out of control and filled a small insignificant planet called earth. There are different kinds of meat sacks on the planet all bumping in to each other. It’s really funny. They talk a great deal and...
  9. D

    Help/Support ► My dad doesn't love me

    He really doesn't. My Mom loved me but only like a friend or something and my oldest brother doesn't want anything to do with our family. My other brother Dimitry is the only person in my family that loves me like he should. I'm positive my dad never wanted a daughter. He loves my mom and...
  10. D

    Your views on God

    How did you find Religion or become Atheist? My family became faithful shortly after getting out of Russia before I was born. Did you find Faith or become Atheist after a tragedy that opened your eyes, event that made you think, an article about the topic, media programming (Movie/Television)...
  11. D

    Your favorite game themes (Main, Credit, Character, or boss)

    The title says it all. Any game. Here are mine. YouTube - Shadow Of The Colossus - Eminence Orchestra YouTube - To You, My Dearest YouTube - Theme Of Laura (From Silent Hill 2) YouTube - Calling - The World Ends With You Soundtrack
  12. D

    Travis Touchdown vs. Altair

    Two assassins going at trying to kill each other. Travis with his beam Katana and Altair with all his hidden weapons and his epee sword thing. Who would win? I think Altair just because I think Altair is faster and stronger than Travis. He would stab him in the neck before Travis could even...
  13. D

    Fun Factor?

    This has probably been done before... Which do you think has the bigger fun factor Wii or Xbox360/ PS3? For this I mean which has better control handling, Games, Design of games, worth the money, and other futures such as music playing or movie watching? I would have to say Xbox 360/ PS3. Yes I...
  14. D

    What is your favorite horror game and movie?

    Well like the title says what is your favorite horror game and movie? I would have to say my favorite horror game would have to be Silent Hill 2 and my favorite horror movie would have to be Dawn of the Dead. I just love a good zombie movie. (Sorry if this has been done before a bunch of times...
  15. D

    Fanfiction ► The Guns of Lilies

    When Yoric Frost is condemned to the hellish underground Dantez prison he thinks that he’ll spend the rest of his life mining diamonds in the prison shafts. But when a chance to shorten his sentence by enlisting in the army he jumps at that chance to see the outside world again. But Yoric my...
  16. D

    Which had more emotion?

    Which had more emotion in the story Final Fantasy 7 series or the Ico series? I think Ico because the music, graphics, and story gave that myth feeling to Ico. It was not as famous as FF7 but it was just a great game with no wrongs in it.
  17. D

    Thinking back

    Thinking back what was your favorite system from the last generation consoles and what were your 3 favorite games for them? Sorry if this has been done before. 1. PS2 3. X-Box 3. Game Cube Mine are PS2 1. Shadow of the colossus 2. Ico 3. Okami X-Box 1. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic...
  18. D

    Fanfiction ► Broken Chain of Memories (Kingdom Hearts Infinities 2)

    Kingdom Hearts Infinities: Broken Chain of Memories Bowchickawowwow productions present the first chapter of Broken Chain of Memories (Kingdom Hearts Infinities Vol. 2). For those who have read the first one you have a good idea on how stories with the Infinities title can be totally different...
  19. D

    Confused about Roxas and Namine (Dont read if you have not beat KH2 or 1

    Umm... well if you have read any of my posts in the last few days (Or my Fan-Fic like any one gives a ****) you know that NaminexRoxas freaks me out big time. I just thought that well Roxas and Namine were both made when Sora became a heartless yes. (Kairi's heart made Namine and Sora's heart...
  20. D

    Just a thought

    Okay if the bald guy is Xehanort and so is the lab assistant that worked for Ansem then I have a thought. Okay in the game Resident Evil 0 the main enemy (dont know his name) was gun'd down by Wesker but his leach Zombie thing kept him alive and made him look and feel young so he could get back...