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  1. khluva010

    Spring/Summer 2016 Writing Contest Submissions!

    What's up lovely people of the world! Here is where I'll be posting all my writing submissions as I've put in the title. Every bolded topic below indicates the ones I have completed thus far. Can I do them all? Only time can tell! Feel free to leave your comments, critiques, questions anything...
  2. khluva010

    awakening questions & answers

    which ones did you choose? if you don't remember what I'm talking about maybe this'll help: Selphie's question: What's most important to you? - Being number one - Friendship - My Prize Possessions Tidius's question: What are you afraid of? - Getting old - Being different - Being indecisive...
  3. khluva010

    Ven's heart

    Sorry if this has been posted like a million years ago but I just found out about the whole Ven's heart being inside Sora (trying hard not to spoil myself) by accident right now, so now my question is in KH1when Sora used the keyblade to peoples hearts & kairi's heart went back to hers, did this...
  4. khluva010

    true love?

    Sorry if there has been a thread like this in the past but I didn't see it based on the recent ones. But anyhow, I've just finished up highschool which translates for some into four years of hearing non-stop broken heart stories. I've helped all of my friends resepctfully with there break-ups...
  5. khluva010

    BBS questions & speculations

    Well I went back and watched the BBS commercial trailer & I noticed this: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Commercial Cropped and Upscaled to 1080p! Pause it at 0:04 secs. Are Aqua & Terra fighting? Why would they be? Is it because of the events that happened to Ven? Also in this...
  6. khluva010

    The Music Club! :]

    I started a club awhile back ago called the MUSIC=LIFE club, but now I've changed the name (since no one has tried to make another and that I feel like the phrase music=life is such a cliche now, I've moved on) well same old thing for old members just a different name! This club is all about...
  7. khluva010

    a good old kh vid.

    Well hello newbies and old friends!!!!!!!! I haven't been on for awhile you've guys really changed your look very nice, very nice. haha anyhow, I've noticed a lot of threads are being closed and what not let me hope this doesn't close anytime soon *knocks on wood* lol anyhow this is a vid i...
  8. khluva010

    Quantum of Solace

    Oh yes, I know people have been talking about it but I think I got some new stuff even a movie poster! Check it out: Quantum of Solace - ComingSoon.net Film Database Well sorry if this is old. Just thought I ought to share. I think Daniel Craig was good in Casino Royale. :] I think he's gonna...
  9. khluva010


    If there is a theard like this, my bad. But what do you think makes good parents? Should they be stricted or easy going? Should they have a lot of rules or let you do whatever you want? If you were a parent, what kind of parent would you be? How would you teach your kid(s) the difference...
  10. khluva010

    To everyone on the forums.....

    I just want to say..... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably won't be on tommorow I just wanna say Thank you KHI!!! I've only been on here for almost two years now and I wanna say thanx for I have met some great people and I hope (i know!) I'll have more good times on this thread peace...
  11. khluva010

    Snoop Dogg... singing?!?!!? :o

    That's right Snoop Dogg has a new track where he put his rap game down for a minute and decides to sing! ;] With a little rap of course. YouTube - Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction I liked it, how bout you? :toungesmile:
  12. khluva010

    Music=Life Club! [Part 2]

    Hello and Welcome!!! as you can see this is my new MUSIC=LIFE club! the other one.... well.... lets say it went away for awhile. xD This club is all about the music and how I think it has changed some many peoples lives like mine!! :thumbup: Without music, we'll all be probably board out of...
  13. khluva010

    Kingdom Hearts: 300

    This fan made trailer is sooooooooo intense!!! :thumbsup: i luv it!!!! and if you seen it already, well enjoy it again! ;] YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 300
  14. khluva010

    just a thought.

    Ever since the first KH game, this questions has been in the back of my head. Maybe it's been answered and I simply don't remember but I don't think it has. How Kairi end up on Destiny Island? Do you guys have any ideas. Your probably thinking, 'does she have this in the wrong section?'...
  15. khluva010


    just to clarify before I post a theory, have we already etsablished that the three knights are the chasers?? or is this also a theory??
  16. khluva010

    Kingdom Hearts + Dane Cook

    This is so genius!!! :D YouTube - Kingdom Hearts: Dane Cook :lol:
  17. khluva010

    The Prince of Persia vs. Kratos

    Sorry if someone already posted this match up but I just have to know. Who do you think would win, The Prince of Persia (sorry, I don't know his name), or Kratos from God of War. At first, I would say Kratos, but now, I just don't know... So what do you think??:thumbup:
  18. khluva010

    .:*~MUSIC=LIFE cLuB~*:.

    This club is all about the music and how I think it has changed some many peoples lives like mine!! :thumbsup: Without music, we'll all be probably board out of our minds!!!!!!! >D Whether its from Hip-Hop to Rock, or Heavy Metal to Rap, music will always be in our lives! In this club, we can...
  19. khluva010

    is this old news???

    Sorry if this is old but did anyone else hear about the new KH game being mainly about Mickey Mouse?? Once again, sorry if this is old. :D
  20. khluva010

    emotional or physical pain....

    Which do you think is worst?? I think emotional pain because physical pain can over time but emotional can really change someone. For example, lets just say you play football. You've been preparing for this game for months. You think you're ready, but when the day comes, you get nervous. Now...