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  1. blksabbath74


    I just started this game, and so did my daughter, both Vulpes. I have not had a chance to really dig in yet, or experience how parties work. What, if any, if the multiplayer aspect of this game?
  2. blksabbath74

    Watch Kairi Stanky-Leg...

    Just heard a rumor from a pretty relibale source at an Anime that there will be a Dance, Dance Revolution style minigame in Traverse Town which will feature a number of American pop songs, so include the Whi[p/Nay-Nay song. This will be similar to the minigames in Chronotrigger at the fair...
  3. blksabbath74

    Fat Guy with Guns

  4. blksabbath74

    Are the Seven Dwarves Masochists?

    I mean, apart from their chosen lifestyle and profession...and no judgements here, but after Ventus beats Bashful repeatedly with his keyblade and breaks the crate he is hiding under, Bashful tells him that he seems like a nice guy. I would personally never trust a person with not one but TWU...
  5. blksabbath74

    Was Eraqus a complete shmuck?

    Signs point to yes... Seriously, some unknown force (Xehanort) introduces darkness during Aqua and Terra's Mastery test, and he just 'allows it to play out' as a good test, and never further investigates. He is so out of touch with Terra that he doesn't question how he summoned darkness, or...
  6. blksabbath74

    Preorder KH3 on Amazon 59.99 - December 2015

    Just saw that the other day, when I was doing some Xmas shopping. Is that actually the expected release date, or just some pie in the sky for when they think it will come out? I am hoping that the cost of a PS4 comes down a bit more between now and then. Still around $400. It would be...
  7. blksabbath74

    Kingdom Hearts Manga thread?

    Where is the official KH Manga thread, and is there any way we can get it pinned?
  8. blksabbath74

    Hand-held game system you can play on your TV?

    Anyone know anything about this? I saw one at my bother-in-law's house, although at the time, I didn't take much notice, or think to ask. However, basically, one of my nephews was playing a game on a hand-heald, and then threw it up and was playing it on the TV, and the week after, I was...
  9. blksabbath74

    Wil X[chi] ever come out on an app?

    I would totally jump into this if were available on android, but don't currently have a computer, and have no immediate plans to purchase one. Are there any plans for an app of this game?
  10. blksabbath74

    Music ► Do you guys like that Happy song?

    I dig it... It might seem crazy what I'm about to say Sunshine she's here, you can take away I'm a hot air balloon, I could go to space With the air, like I don't care baby by the way Because I'm happy Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof Because I'm happy Clap along if you feel...
  11. blksabbath74

    I just swallowed acough drop whole...

    I just swallowed acough drop whole...Should I be worried?
  12. blksabbath74

    If Riku and Repliku became lawyers...

    They could start a Law Office called Riku and Riku... It would work equally well if they started a buddy detective show in the 1980s...
  13. blksabbath74

    FF1 - What is your preferred party makeup?

    If I am playing the original version, in which magic is very limited due to a lack of ether potions and spells by level (max 9) then I'll just go for 2 Fighters and 2 Red Mages. That version is much more difficult, and much less forgiving as far as being able to save, and the monster AI is more...
  14. blksabbath74

    Roxas' feet

    Do you think they are the same size as Sora's feet?
  15. blksabbath74

    If Xehanort unites the worlds...

    That would be pretty epic, IMO. That would open the worlds up for all sorts of interesting crossovers. One that I think would be a natural would be Captain Hook vs Atlantica's Merfolk. It has long been established that there are mermaids in Neverand and that Hook's pirates attack them. Beyond...
  16. blksabbath74

    SoraKai vs Soriku? How about VentuSoRoXion?

    Who are these characters and why is one better than the other? Are they hybrids of the existing characters, sort of like Sora with the hearts of Ventus, Xion and Xion? VentuSoRoXion? He could grow two extra arms (or maybe have them form from his keyblade armor) and Quad-Weild like that guy...
  17. blksabbath74

    Whatever happened to Digital Twilight Town?

    Is it like Space Paranoids, the Grid and the Datascape, and continuing on, or is it just gone now?
  18. blksabbath74

    Kingdom Hearts Haiku

    Donald wields his wand Aquatic retribution Falls from the Heavens
  19. blksabbath74

    TV ► What's good on Netflix?

    I'm looking for recommendations...
  20. blksabbath74

    Could Davy Crocket be included in KH3

    Or does the fact that he was an actual historical figure prevent them? I know Mulan was an historical figure turned legend, but so is Davy Crocket, sort of... It would be cool to have him in your party with his coonskin cap...