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    Water Spirit

    -stretches- It feels like forever since I've been on here. Anyways here's a picture of a Water spirit I drew. Maggie Jean the Water Spirit by ~Tsukiko-Momochi on deviantART I totally messed up the left arm and I didn't do a lot of shading, so yeah it kind of sucks, but drawn anything in six...
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    Kingdom hearts 2......Too easy?

    KH2 was easier in my opinion than KH1 one, even on proud it didnt feel any harder. Though like some of you have said I too hope that KH2:FM is a hell of a lot more challenging.(sp?) The only hard bosses for me in KH2 were Xigbar and Xaldin.
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    Help/Support ► Court Battle with My Mother.

    Rachelle I'm so sorry I left the chatroom without saying bye, damn computer was acting up. Deary, I'm sorry this is happening to you Rachelle. There a lot of pression on you right now ain't there. I really dont know how to handle being in court but 1 of my friends who was in court once told...
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    Help/Support ► Friends..

    ^Tsuki's attempt at translating. If you've been her friend for along time then you should be able to understand the being sad part.(cause all friends are sad to see eachother go right) Maybe you could try to see eachother on the weekends, after school, or talk on the internet. For your friend...
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    I'm am Christian, and I'm proud of that. (so is my family) But somethings are going to far. My family(mostly my mum) are trying to base my friendship off of religion or non-religion. I'm not aloud to go to my friend's house or go to any of her sleep-overs because she is Wiccan.(sp?)The...
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    Help/Support ► Tied to the Dead, help me.

    Last night I woke up in the middle of the night, in a sweat, breathing hard. I got up and looked at a picture, not just any old picture a picture that means life, happiness, sadness, excitement, and much more. Meeting him in mellow day staring at the sun and sitting alone, he walked up to me...
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    Which character do you hate in CoM?

    I hated Sora in COM, he was even more annoying in COM than he is KH1.
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    Help/Support ► Problems All Around.

    Yeah, but I'm not sure or not if it'd work. I mean my mom use to hit us a lot, now she's doesnt do it as much because of tighter security and stuff like that. She just yells a lot and insults me a lot (which makes me feel worse than getting hit, but she'll be nice to other people), and hits...
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    Help/Support ► Problems All Around.

    My siblings are adults now (25,22, and 19) so they wont get hit really. I'd like to buy a cassete but where can I hide it? My mom pretty much looks everywhere, she's thinking of putting cameras in our house 'cause she doesnt trust my brother or I.
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    Help/Support ► Problems All Around.

    .............................I'm a girl............;_; I cant tell anyone or tape her or hit her, I'm to afraid. She has said that if I hurt her or tell anyone she's going to kill me.
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    Help/Support ► Problems All Around.

    I've tried doing that before and she usually just tells me: "I'm your mother, you have to live with we deal with it." 3: Thearpy and pills are NOT a waste of money if that is the only soultion. You can try talking to your friends, or even someone on the fourms (Feel free to PM me or if you...
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    Help/Support ► Problems All Around.

    Please read my first post before posting. I know it's kinda long but it'd help you understand more. Also dont give me any crap or other stuff like that please, I trust KHI that's why I'm asking YOU for help. I've been stuggling so much lately with life, and I really dont know what to do. I'm...
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    I need help on this. Lately I've been thinking of starving or upchucking my food. For the past 3 years or so I've only been able to gain weight. Every diet I've tried has failed and exercising doesnt help.( I dont like sports so I do things like push-ups, sit-ups or stuff on those exercise T.v...
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    most hated boss

    I'd have to say Riku final. It took me 2 weeks to beat him outta the 4 weeks that I beat the game in. His stupid Dark Aura(I think that's what it's called) that kept killing me. I'd have to say Larxene second. She would so darn fast that I'd miss attacking a lot. >_<
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    how long did it take for u to beat kingdom hearts 2

    It took me about 35 hours, watching all the cutscenes. It took me about three weeks to beat because of school, chores, sleep...etc. and I got kinda bored with it so I wouldnt just play it at times.
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    That's right, it's my birthday.

    The girl who joined when she was 11 is now 13. My years of teenageness has begun. Drop a little happy birthday for me.
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    What was your saddest part in KH2? (Possible spoilers)

    You better not be serious. Goofy is a one of Disney's oldest characters that means he cant die. Anyway
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    Last Axel Battle

    Just do what I told my friend to do. Put three blizzards(spelling) in your deck, 2 heal cards and keep attacking.
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    What do you say????

    eh, it had some problems it could have been harder and longer but still a good game.
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    Is Hayner a Nobody?

    Nah, Hayner aint a nobody, he's roxas's best friend.