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  1. LucasDraleau

    Rumor/Possible Leak: KH3D Worlds/Storyline

    According to NikkiMirai from Gamespot Forums, he says that this is the list of worlds for KH3D and the storyline. I'm calling it BS, but thought I'd share it. Don't attack the messenger. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/997779-kingdom-hearts-3d-dream-drop-distance/61488502...
  2. LucasDraleau

    New Member: Lucas

    Hey there, I'm Luke Cahill.
  3. LucasDraleau

    What country do you live in?

    I've noticed lately, that I've kind of not been thinking about where other people live when I talk to them in threads, and have been using preconceived notions about my country and it's people towards others. So I want to avoid anymore confusion and just outright ask, "What country do you live in?"
  4. LucasDraleau

    Xehanort' Memories

    Now that it seems like we will see several scenes on the events of Xehanort's past, 1.) which part of his life will be highlighted the most? MX, YX, AX, Terranort, Reformed X, Xemnas, or ASoD . Also, 2.) what do you think the opening scene from Xehanorts PoV will be about? 1.) AX: I think that...
  5. LucasDraleau

    Apocalyptic Revenants: The Day of the Atonement

    Thread can be closed, removed, etc.
  6. LucasDraleau

    Extended Version of TGS 2011 Trailer

    From KH13.com. "According to various Japanese blogs, including FF-Reunion, two different versions of the Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance trailer were shown at Tokyo Game Show 2011. An extended version of the trailer also exists (but hasn't appeared online), however, Tgirl has translated...
  7. LucasDraleau

    Purpose of the Dream Eaters

    I was thinking about how the Dream Eaters could apply to the Mark of Mastery Test and came up with a few theories. Feel free to point out any flaws, inconsistencies, etc. No "Real" Party Members: One possible reason that these Dream Eaters can become party members is because Yen Sid still...