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  1. shuyin_zer0

    Film ► Halloween Kills & Halloween Ends

    Kills - October 15th, 2021 Ends - October 14th, 2022 I’ve read the script for Kills, and that alone is much better than the 2018 film (which I found mid-tier tbh). One thing I do love about this new timeline is that Michael is back to being Evil personified and that he is killing simply...
  2. shuyin_zer0

    Parasite Eve trademarked in Europe

    https://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3534629/parasite-eve-gets-trademarked-europe-square-enix?fbclid=IwAR0St6XYELbEN7RT9FlRapgGr8CbO0aRMA3_Uzwr6ikTGOWS0Y2TjMSylHg&sfns=0 YESSSSS
  3. shuyin_zer0

    Hikari - New live arrangement with strings!

    https://youtu.be/isvLXX7nShA Enjoy!
  4. shuyin_zer0

    Hayden Panettiere wasn’t even asked to come back

    https://twitter.com/haydenpanettier/status/1006096816495001600?s=21 I know Stoner has her fans, but it’s a bummer that they didn’t even give the OG an opportunity to come back. Low blow, Disney.
  5. shuyin_zer0

    Film ► Halloween 2018–Alternative sequel to the original (October 19th)

    Calling all horror fans! Started shooting in South Carolina this weekend; Jamie Lee Curtis will be back as Laurie Strode, Nick Castle will be returning as Michael Myers (for the first time since the original), and John Carpenter (director of the original) will be producing and composing the...
  6. shuyin_zer0

    Music ► Utada Hikaru is returning to the music scene!

    First of all, congrats to her both for having a baby boy, and for managing to keep the pregnancy secret from the media! lol After 5 whole years of hiatus (not including the surprise theme for Evangalion 3.0), Utada confirmed today that she's working on a new album, which still needs some work...
  7. shuyin_zer0

    Rob Zombie's "H2-Halloween 2"

    Anyone going to see this? Incase you don't know about it, it picks up exactly where the first one left off, has a brief hospital segment (like the original H2), then forwards 2 years later and focuses around Laurie and how much of a trainwreck she has become knowing that her friends and parents...
  8. shuyin_zer0

    Sanctuary may get an official release after all...

    In a backstage/live streamed interview with Utada on CBS saturday morning, she mentioned that her label is attempting to get permissions from Disney and Square to use Simple and Clean & Sanctuary as bonus tracks for the physical May 12th release of her album "This is the One". Sure, the song is...
  9. shuyin_zer0

    Utada's new album...

    A discussion for you Hikki lovers out there, what are you're thoughts on the new HEART STATION album released on tuesday?? I honestly think it is her best work yet. "Prisioner of Love"< "Nijiiro Bus", and "Celebrate" have to be to best tracks on the album
  10. shuyin_zer0

    Halloween TV spot has spawned hehehe!!!

    YouTube - Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN - Official Tv Spot 1 ...how can that NOT make you want to see it!?
  11. shuyin_zer0

    Halloween (2007) and a summary on the basic storyline...

    Anybody a fan of the Halloween Series? If not then you should definately check them out...they are, indeed, the best horror movies of all time!!! But if you start renting them here is the best order to watch them in: Halloween Halloween II -The third movie has absolutely NOTHING to do with the...
  12. shuyin_zer0

    Simple And Clean Rising rock Mix Vocal Version

    .....For th page with all the remixes....here is the Vocalized version of Simple And clean ~Rising Rock Mix~ MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service ^^^^^^ Click Here