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    I would like to announce my return.

    Yes, many of you guys dont know me. But I am one of those Old OLD school people who visited KHI. I am happy to announce my return. For those people who dont know where the **** i went, I took a break from all the kh crap. -Rikora P.S. I was the one who married Hokage, another old school...
  2. R

    Peace Homies

    Yo guys imma say it straight up.... Close this thread. do whatever, but i have just got to say, KH2 was a failure..... I tried and tried to like it, but it just couldnt happen, i beat the game faster than i can eat 4 dinners, like really, my play time was 17 hours. Imma take a break from...
  3. R


    I heard some cup called paradox or some crap like that. How do you unlock it i just beat the godess of fate cup and i dont see it there. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. R

    Is this scene normally there?

    So yesterday, at my lil' cousins house, he was playing some kh2, trying to fight ansem, well he was lvl 56, isnt that lil under leveled? It gets worst, he had no -ga spells, so i go to HB ready to get curaga, and after i talked to aerith, something happened, a cutscene, but i never seen this...
  5. R

    Question about drive.....

    Hey i saw Riku7244's sig...... and it shows this AWESOME battle sequence with sora doing an air combo then going drive mid air and continuing the combo.... he had DONALD and ALLADIN in his party.... when he drived...... it was in brave..... so wtf? doesnt goofy need to be in the party? or...
  6. R

    My Race

    Hey guys!!!! Since you guys seem to be confused about my race including in chat room. I am black Yes i said it ... I'm mexican... Now spread the word!!! RIKORA IS RUSSIAN!!!!!
  7. R


    Rob the jewelry store and tell 'em make me a grill. Dirrty, R&B. Add da whole top diamond and the bottom Row's gold. Yo we bout to start a epidemic wit dis one Ya'll know what dis is... So So Def Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 mo at the top All invisible set in little ice cube blocks If I...
  8. R

    Funny Picture Thread

    Post your funny pics here !! ill post mine later.
  9. R


    Hey guys ive been trying to get ultima keyblade . But i havent played in a while so i dont remember but when you synthesize, if it says mixed does that mean you already did it or vice versa
  10. R

    a CRAZY idea about knights

    Dude, k i dont have the images now but i thought about this WACKO idea that the black figure walking toward the knights is RIKU. Heres evidence. 1) The figures look alike, including the hair. 2)When he walks toward them, it says (this is surprising) Master of Keyblade, Memory of Xehanort...
  11. R

    May the wedding BEGIN (Rikora x Hokage)

    May the wedding BEGIN! Cmon guys hurry it up todays my wedding day (yesterday was the B. party it was AWESOME*well for TMM it was he ate all the babies there in the stomachs*)
  12. R

    My Proposal

    Hokage..... we've been dating for 2 months, and i've decided we should take it to the NEXT LEVEL *gets on one knee and pulls out a ring* Hokage, will you marry me ? Together we could have countless number of babies TMM can eat. But we will keep our love till the end of time and i mean it...
  13. R

    Force To Face

    Sometimes i get extremely mad The way i act ... its just sad I go crazy, berserk, on nearby asses Shooting nerds and breaking thier glasses Ill pummel your head with my mace Dont force my fist to your face Force to Face Smashed heads Force to Face Pissed on beds Force to Face Call da meds...
  14. R

    Hokage is my God

    Im here to present Hokage my god. I am a Hokagian, and im proud. Post here if your like me ....
  15. R


    Okay guys im level 61 with Lionheart (give me ideas for rings) and I managed to unlock Platinum Match...... well, the rumors are true, this is guy is HARD. You might as well call him god... well anyway i have a question, why wont his HEALTH go down even tho i hit him? is it cuz he has extra...
  16. R

    MuffinMan Fangirlz join here!

    I love muffin man altho this is FANGIRLZ ...... i myself am a grown man , but i still LUV MuffinMan his manliness makes me TINGLE. post here if you wanna have his babies
  17. R

    People with funniest Locations !

    Who do you think has the best location under their name ?! I really wanna know what you guys think.
  18. R

    Omg Jingle Bells = Subliminal Message

    OMG ........ i just saw this and it was soooo funny its the Jingle Bells song reversed showing a subliminal message its funny as HELL LISTEN CLOSELY ITS HARD TO HEAR http://ebaumsworld.com/flash/jinglebells.html (this is a screamer.It scares you)
  19. R

    Well, it wasnt that good says my friend

    Hey guys, well for the past week not including today my friend found out my password and starting making dumb threads including the World Thread and I want this to go out to everyone thread . Im so sorry and I got some help and changed my password . Well back onto subject 1. My friend has a...
  20. R

    World Thread

    Okay I know this is like my hundreth thread today (or not) but I see people asking or posting things about worlds and stuff.Maybe we could sticky this and post all things about kh2 worlds here or stuff. And same thing about summons EDIT : Oh cmon ! Anyone ? K ill try to go first The world...