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  1. Truth's_Bond

    Profile Picture

    Hi, I need a little help for my profile picture. I've recently tried to change my profile picture, but it won't work. Whenever I try to change the URL or upload a new one, it always says that it is "unable to save" or "faliure writing temporary file." So I deleted my current profile picture...
  2. Truth's_Bond


    Zombie-Loan by PEACH PIT. I just started reading it, and it's a pretty interesting series. Anybody heard of this anime/manga?
  3. Truth's_Bond

    New Team Members

    Do you think in KH3 that Donald and Goofy will still be Sora's team members? I hope Kairi and Riku will be Sora's team members in KH3. It's because Donald and Goofy are already at Disney Castle with Mickey, so can't they team up with the KIng? Plus, Sora and Riku have worked together, but...
  4. Truth's_Bond

    Just a Thought.....

    If all of the members of Organization XIII were to fight each other, who would you think would win? Just a thought; I'm curious. I choose Roxas, but that's my opinion. Why? Because: -He's Sora's Nobody! -Roxas is a "special" Nobody -Defeated Riku (and I know one second after that Riku...
  5. Truth's_Bond

    Can Namine...?

    I'm just wondering if she could or not. I mean, Roxas can wield keyblades because of Sora, being his Nobody and all, and since Kairi can, does that mean Namine is able to wield a keyblade? She is Kairi's Nobody.....
  6. Truth's_Bond

    Who Hated How Xemnas Talked Too Slow???

    Who hated how Xemnas talked too SLOW??? It was soooooo annoying! It was like it took him a minute to say one single word!!! I mean, Ansem's a better villian than Xemnas! Ansem talks faster than that!!! Anybody in the KH series talks faster than that!!! Who agrees with me?
  7. Truth's_Bond

    Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories Manga

    Okay, I'm not sure if anybody put this up yet, but oh well... I found a site that has the Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories translated to English. Here's the site: http://www.kh2.co.uk/?com=MV-1
  8. Truth's_Bond

    Which kh2 Couple(s) is The Best?

    Which kh2 couple(s) is the best? That's up to you to decide!!! xD SoraXKairi? SoraXRiku? SoraXKairiXRiku? SoraXNamine? RikuXKairi? RikuXNamine? RoxasXNamine? RoxasXKairi? RoxasXAxel? ...etc. Personally, I'd choose: SoraXKairi and RoxasXNamine xD Please don't flame me for my choice! >...
  9. Truth's_Bond

    Who is your favorite character(s) of Kingdom Hearts 2?

    I know this is such an old question, but yeah! oh well... my fav characters are: sora kairi riku namine roxas of course i love all the rest of the characters, but these are the characters i really like! ^ _ ^