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    Kingdom Hearts III Title Logo.....

    I hope it is not final. Don't get me wrong, it looks really cool but I feel like it can be a bit more worked on. The three for roman numerals and the text can be a bit more vivid like the KH1 -> KH2 title logo transition Discuss
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    What should I do?

    I have the good old PSP 1000. My friend has a Nintendo DS. I will play both BBS and 358/2 Days for sure. I will buy BBS. However, for my birthday coming up later, should I get myself a DS to be able to have my own 358/2 Days? Or should I upgrade to the PSP-3000(or 4000 if it'll come by the time...
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    About KH on Wii..........

    Well, it feels good to be back after having not going on the forums for the longest time...... Kingdom Hearts: Realm of the Dissouled - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Please don't attack me, but no, I did not make that page up and I also am not saying this confirms anything. Maybe Square/...
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    NFS CARBON Platform

    If you're getting NFS Carbon, what platform are you buying it? I'm can't decide between the PS3 or PS2 version, because I'm tired of PS2 graphics but then I don't really want to go through the struggle of getting a PS3 at launch....
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    Disney 411

    It seems Disney channel doesn't seem to actually have the Kingdom Hearts II commercial, but today I just saw a Disney 411 feature on the Promotion Party. Catch it sometime, but they rarely do show Disney 411's, but most likely you'll run into it if your watching a show or movie on the channel...
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    EGM Rumor Mill

    Sorry That I dont have any link or wahtsoever to back this up, but on the same EGM that had that small KHII article, the "Rumor Mill" section of the magazine says a possible KHII on Xbox 360. If any of you have that EGM mag, look it up in the "Rumor Mill" section, then you'll know. I think its...
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    Exclusive U.S. Content?

    March 2006 seems far away, you think the US version will get more bosses and such? What I hope for is no Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.
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    When KHII Is Out In Japan......

    I dunno if there are some of you who will get the japanese version when it comes out, but when it does, dont spoil anything. I know some of you are feeling like the new promo trialer that came out is spoiling some of the game, but if you think about the fact that it's playing in a store in...
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    Game Before Kingdom Hearts II

    What game will you be playing right before getting Kingdom Hearts II? For me, I'm really excited for Need For Speed Most Wanted. Devil May Cry PSP might come out too.
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    PSP Forums

    How many of you have used your PSP to post here in the forums? It's kinda cool! The typing takes a while though, but PSP makes it have a good interface
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    Thoughts of Reasons for 2006 Release

    Just post anything here why you think they will release it to 2006 so that you can let off some steam about it. To me, the delay isn't such a bad thing, the better the game will be. Reasons why I think its not coming out when we thought? First, I think the voice acting for the game is taking...
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    Organization Names

    I think the names of the Organization members are cool, so for fun lets make up names for Organization members. All they need is to have a X in them, right? I'll start- Caylex (I'm really also trying to get people relaxed and get rid of the annoyance of all the Spam going on with whoever this...
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    I thought his name was Ruxudo. If it is Luxord instead, where did Ruxudo come from because it sounds like a formidable name for someone in the Organization.
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    All Worlds? I Hope Not

    I hope all of the worlds shown so far aren't all of the worlds in the whole game. Considering that the game is coming December already for Japan, I hope all of the worlds we already know of are not gunna be all of the worlds to be in the game. Theres got to be a lot more worlds we dont know of...
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    Riku Playable?

    I like how you can play BHK kid but I really liked playing Riku in Chain of Memories- I know it doesnt seem possible to play as Riku in Kingdom Hearts II because BHK is playable but what do you think?
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    More Organization Members

    I think there are more than 13 Organization members because it seems there will be one member in each world in Kingdom Hearts 2. Together with the ones shown in CoM, theres obviously more.
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    2 Fuse Combinations?

    Okay, we know Sora can merge with Goofy to be in Brave Form and with Donald to be in Wizard form. With other characters, you use the Drive bar to do combination attacks to damage enemies in the surrounding area. So then are these the only 2 "fuse" combinations Sora will have?
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    PS2 Position

    I bought my PS2 at launch so im guessing its getting old but im taking good care of it. What position do you think I should put it on? (Don't tell to just buy a new slim PS2, because mine works fine and I don't have a spare $150 on my A$$) LOL
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    Trailer Spoiling (No Spoilers)

    Don't you think watch every new video on Kingdom Hearts II that comes out feels like your spoiling it already? For example, if the opening for it was able to download, would you get it when the game isn't coming out for a long time still?
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    Are you gunna replay Kingdom Hearts to get ready for Kingdom Hearts II? Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories didn't really put all THAT much excitement for a sequel to Kingdom Hearts.