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  1. dragonmaster

    Kingdom Hearts Manga

    I know it's been awhile since I've been here. Im going to try to start getting back on here more. Anyway, does anyone know if the KH manga will ever come back to the U.S.? The last one I read was Kingdom Hearts 2 vol 2
  2. dragonmaster

    Marvel Ultimate Allaince 3

    I thought if they make a 3rd MUA it should be about secret invasion. Doing that would be able to add many more characters, good and bad. Lots of alternate(more than one hopefully. That ticked me off in MUA2.) What do youguys think?
  3. dragonmaster

    Disney Show Worlds

    I'm not too big on disney tv series worlds. I dont want to see a Wizards of Waverly Place or something like Phineas and Ferb. However, if they were gonna do some disney tv worlds, I would suggest some of the older and certainly better shows. Gargoyles Darkwing Duck Kim Possible(I know it's not...
  4. dragonmaster

    Phantom Blot

    I wish the Phantom Blot would make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts. I mean if they can put Pete in it and make him semi-cool, then surely they can put Blot in. It just got me thinking bout him after seeing some stuff on Epic Mickey
  5. dragonmaster

    Wall-E Summon

    I dont think a Wall-E world would be a good idea. However, I would love to see a Wall-E summon in KH3. Wha do u think?
  6. dragonmaster

    Mickey spin-off

    I wish they would make a spin-off about King Mickey and his adventures through KH1 and KH2,etc.
  7. dragonmaster

    Kingdom Hearts and Philosophy

    I've saw all kinds of these books, Batman and Philosophy, House, Legend of Zelda. I was thinking, why couldnt they make a Kingdom Hearts and Philosophy. I think that would be great.
  8. dragonmaster


    I was just wondering. Whats the deal with Anti-Sora? I never fully understood it
  9. dragonmaster

    Opening Song

    What should be the opening song for KH3?
  10. dragonmaster

    Downloadable Characters

    Does anyone know the downloadable characters for Marvel Ultimate Allaince 2? Besides Carnage? Plus, what characters are you wanting to download into the game?
  11. dragonmaster

    Playable Characters

    What about Donald and Goofy? I always wondered how it would be to play as them.
  12. dragonmaster

    Playable Characters

    Thanks, I just thought that was weird or that I was looking at a joke screenshot.
  13. dragonmaster

    Playable Characters

    So who all can you play in 358/2 days? Im mainly asking cause I saw a screenshot where someone was playing as Mickey and his partners were Saix and Goofy.
  14. dragonmaster

    KH2 Manga

    Poor Tokyopop. Poor us for not getting it.
  15. dragonmaster

    Nightmare on Elm Street Remake

    So what does everyone think of the new Nightmare on Elm Street? I personally think it looks promising. Jackie Earl Haley is an all around awesome actor and it just might look like a decent horror film. Haven't seen one of those in awhile
  16. dragonmaster

    KH2 Manga

    Times like this I wish I lived in Japan. I would have anything Kingdom Hearts hanging in my room
  17. dragonmaster

    KH2 Manga

    That sucks. I wish I could understand Japanese. Save me some time that's for sure.
  18. dragonmaster

    What are the Worlds?

    Well if they have a Bambi world, what would be the villain? The deer Bambi faced? Or the fire lol. I want a Fox and the Hound world. Now there is some possibilties. The bosses could be that dog(forgot his name, the one not Copper), the big giant bear, and the hunter.
  19. dragonmaster

    Marvel worlds

    I know someone more than likely put up a thread bout this but I dont feel like browsing through threads. Does anyone think they will put Marvel characters in KH? If so, what would you want in it?
  20. dragonmaster

    KH2 Manga

    Listening? Well they are fixin to have out all other kinds of KH manga. And I havent even got the rest of KH2!