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  1. RonaldPoe

    What's your laughable video game villain?

    Have you ever seen a video game villain who looks so ridiculous, you can't take them seriously and/or laugh. I saw a thread on this somewhere and decided to make one here. I'd prefer people to look at said thread and pick some fresh fashion rejects. Also refrain on KH villains here. The thread...
  2. RonaldPoe

    What themes to incorporate into a Female Player theme?

    I'm a musician and I'm thinking of writing a musical theme for Union X's Female Player some time. The biggest problem probably would be too many similarities between the Female Player and Player X/Male Player (they have very similar powers and personalities along with taking the same journey). I...
  3. RonaldPoe

    Closest Kingdom Hearts has to a Dark Souls boss

    So I was watching a KH3 mod video with an attempt at fighting all the Data Organization 13 bosses at once. It looks impossible but it'd be awesome if someone could actually win. Someone in a KH Roleplay group of mine compared it to Dark Souls. Speaking of which I got Dark Souls Remastered on...
  4. RonaldPoe

    The 2 who mastered Darkness

    I just realized something in Kingdom Hearts. Riku and Xehanort succeeded in an area that Terra, Ventus (he tried sealing The Darkness but it didn't work), the Foretellers, Maleficent (She seems more like a pawn of The Darkness than anything), Marlxuia/Larium, and even Luxu/Xigbar failed in. They...
  5. RonaldPoe

    Xehanort's Ancestor isn't that special Theory

    I have a crazy theory involving Xehanort and his ancestor. It's been more or less confirmed that Eraqus is a descendant of Brain. Kid Xehanort also has a connection to Fairy Tale era. There's theories that he's related to Player X but there's little proof that they're one in the same. I think...
  6. RonaldPoe

    Characters who remind you of Xehanort ...

    I'm not sure which section to put this but here goes. As a KH fan, I was thinking about Xehanort as a character. I noticed there's a few vaguely similar villains but at the same time he's very unique. Can you guys think of any similar characters (to Xehanort or his incarnations)? Just curious...
  7. RonaldPoe

    A defense for Ishimoto

    Hi, hope everyone's doing well. As you know I'm an amateur musician and huge KH fan. Today I want to discuss everyone's favorite scape goat of the music, Ishimoto. I know he's not as great as Yoko Shimomura but I don't think he deserves all the hate the fanbase gives him. First, his work on...
  8. RonaldPoe

    Dark Road ► Should we consider Kid Xehanort and Young Xehanort separate characters?

    Hi, I've been playing Dark Road and noticed something. Should we consider Kid Xehanort (Xehanort's Dark Road incarnation) a seperate character from Young Xehanort (the KH villain)? They're a lot less similar than you'd think. Kid Xehanort is shorter than Young Xehanort but also more muscular...
  9. RonaldPoe

    Who would you ship with a Dark Seeker?

    Hi, Happy Thanksgiving. I was thinking about crossover ships for some of the Dark Seekers. Here's some examples. I ship Vanitas and Junko (Danganronpa) because both are sadists who love causing despair. Luxord and Yumiko (Kakegurui) would probably work as a couple due to their obsession with...
  10. RonaldPoe

    Spoilers ► music during Flashback scene and theories

    Hi, I just got to the final boss today. Before the fight, Kairi has a flashback to Radiant Garden where she's chased by shadows. Then she encounters Apprentice Xehanort and he captures him. Then He gives a monologue. My question is what's the track that plays during said monologue? It doesn't...
  11. RonaldPoe

    Spoilers ► Sad about new tracks

    Hi, hope everyone's doing well. I'm a hardcore KH fan (since 2004), an amateur Electronic musician, and a huge music nut. I was really looking forward to this game for obvious reasons and really enjoyed it. That being said, there is one thing that bugs me; There's no new tracks (with the...
  12. RonaldPoe

    Dark Road ► What is Player X and Xehanort's relationship (as of August 2020)?

    As of August 2020, Dark Road has 2 parts (one of which is in Japan) and the story is currently decent (in my opinion). There's something that's been bugging me. The game's opening scene has Kid Xehanort (Xehanort's incarnation from the chess game and Dark Road) seeing memories that we can...
  13. RonaldPoe

    Will we finally get to face Apprentice Xehanort

    I saw the trailer for this game and had a thought. After all the hype since KH2, we never got to fight Apprentice Xehanort (the incarnation of Xehanort with the second biggest impact on the plot next to Master Xehanort himself) nor has Sora actually met this version. Come to think of it, only...
  14. RonaldPoe

    Why Master Aced will be a boss in KH4

    I know the Foretellers are probably going to join Luxu but Aced seems most likely to be a future villain. I could see and hope to see him be a boss in KH4 (probably not the final boss but end game). Here's a few reasons why. In Back Cover, he's shown to be kinda a dick. He's also implied to be...
  15. RonaldPoe

    Why wasn't Apprentice Xehanort a Dark Seeker?

    Anyone else think Apprentice Xehanort should've been a Dark Seeker? I mean he was instrumental in KH1 and KH2 along with the creation of the first Organzation 13. However not only wasn't he a boss but he wasn't included in KH3 at all. It's also quite strange that the True Organization lacks a...
  16. RonaldPoe

    What would you incorporate into an alternate Saix theme

    I'm a electronic musician and huge fan of KH and Yoko Shimomura. That being said I'm going to make a custom remix for Saix's KH3 fight. The track that played was nice but didn't feel like a Saix boss theme. I think it sounds like the triumphant return of Roxas and Xion (likely the point)...
  17. RonaldPoe

    KH3 Alternate battle themes

    Hi, I'm a huge KH fan and an eccentric musician. I was curious what themes from a game or anime would you give to KH characters. It can be a character theme but battle themes would be preferable. It can be from any game or anime but must fit the character. I think finding one for Ephemer would...
  18. RonaldPoe

    Kingdom Hearts 3 character theme songs?

    If you could pick a theme song for the KH characters (not including their themes in the games) what would they be? The characters include Master Xehanort, Riku,, Young Xehanort, Skuld, Xemnas, and Master Aced. For example I feel "Harvester of Sorrow" by Metallica fits MX like a glove. Terra's...
  19. RonaldPoe

    KH3 Bonus boss speculation

    I'm a huge KH fan and a electronic musician. That being said, I wonder what some of the bonus bosses in KH3 will be. I made this thread for speculation. Here's a few examples of candiates I'd like to see. Bizarro Sephiroth. Why: It'd be a way to continue the tradition of making Sephiroth a...