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    We are gathered here today for the funeral of khgamer. Farewell to all of my great friends here. I hope that you read this and actually care. I hope i don't get any crud from the jerks on this forums that say stuff like "get over whatevers making you leave, b cuz no one cares." Yah, thats right...
  2. K

    Good News, Bad News.

    This is a game where there is always good news, and there is always bad news! lol EX. ------------------------------------------------- 1st post- Good News, I found a dime and named it Suzy! 2nd post- Bad News, It was a Boy dime! ------------------------------------------------- Catch my...
  3. K

    Finish the sentence game!

    In this game you simply finish the sentence that the poster above you started. Then, you start a new one!! I'll start! You know you've been on the forums too much when...
  4. K

    Do something to the Poster Below You!

    This is a game where you just do anything to the poster below you. Please don't make it wrong by doing nasty things. You could just say: EX. ----------------------------------------- 1. Throws rocks at next poster. 2. *Rubs head* That hurt! >_< Splashes ice cold water on next poster...
  5. K


    I was just thinking today, what would the voices of: Axel, Bhk, Marluxia, DiZ, Zexion, etc. be. I just thought of this because for one, there are no voices in CoM. Secondly, if anyone has a copy of Kingdomhearts 2 it would be in Japanese(i guess). So, I want your opinion on who would make good...
  6. K

    The Dark Tournament

    It was very long ago that Sora sealed the final door. Now, a new threat has risen, that is, for the dark side. A new keyblade wielder has been born, and his destiny has been revealed, just like how Sora's was so long ago. But, a new evil has risen too. His name is Dartantalus. As the keyblade...
  7. K

    Alphebetical Story!

    Ok, this is how it works. I will post a word starting with A. So, the next person will continue the phrase with the letter B. (The sentence can be stopped at any time.) EX. ----------------------------------------------------- 1st post: A 2nd post: Big 3rd post: Cat 4th post: Ducked 5th post...
  8. K

    Fanfiction ► BHK: The True Story

    Bhk sat on the giant minute hand of the clocktower in Twilight Town, looking up at the stars. “Why?” He kept asking himself. “Why did she have to go?” He closed his eyes, tears rolling down his cheeks. He opened his eyes again and gazed at the beautiful sunrise. Lights of houses and...
  9. K


    I've been told that Pirates of the Caribbean is going to be on kh2. Is that true?? Has it been confirmed????O_o
  10. K

    Country Chain Game

    Okay, i just came up with this, and this is how it goes. I will start with a country or continent, and the next poster has to come up with a country or continent that starts with the last letter of the location before it. YOU MAY POST A COUNTRY MORE THAN ONCE, but try not to go in a continuous...
  11. K

    White heartless

    I feel this has already been posted, but do the white creatures have names? Also, are there different types of them? If so, show pics if possible.
  12. K


    The Hunchback of Notre Dame should be on kh2/kh3/ maybe kh4? That would be cool. Wadda u guys think?
  13. K

    If someone Died!!!

    Sorry, jus' needed to get your attention. Ok, well, anyways if someone dies in KH2, would u still play the game and/or like it? Just a question...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Rewritten, Retold

    It was a beautiful morning on Destiny Islands. Three children, Selphie, Wakka, and Tidus, were playing on the sun kissed beach. Meanwhile, the other three children of the islands were working on a project. A raft. Their names were Sora, Riku, and Kairi.[/left] Riku always tried to act like he...
  15. K

    How long did it take to make kh2.net?

    Seriously guys, how long do u think it took to make kh2.net and why?
  16. K

    Time Warp

    LOOK AT THIS! Please... TIME WARP Story: It was a dark gloomy day in Twilight Town. Sora and Riku are walking down the road, side by side, when something appeared in the sky. It was a large black hole with dark energy pouring out of it. As it started sucking buildings and people in, Sora...
  17. K

    BHK relationship

    idk if something like this has been posted, but will BHK be FFX related, or will he be totally up? And this is sort of stupid, but how do know BHK isn't a short haired girl? After all, its Blonde-Haired-KID, not blonde haired boy....
  18. K

    Your Favorite ► favorite poster

    whos your favorite poster on kh2.net?
  19. K

    Your Favorite ► favorite forum game

    whats your favorite forum game?
  20. K

    Your Favorite ► favorite kh quote

    Whats your favorite kh quote? Mines: "One who knows nothing can understand nothing."