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    Code Geass Fanclub

    This is my absolute favorite anime I have ever watched. It is also an anime that I wouldn't have ever watched unless my friends had forced me to. If you are a fan of Code Geass then post here. Post questions or ideas. Post a picture of your favorite character. I'm not sure why but my favorite...
  2. K

    Console Packages

    That would be nice! That way I could get BBS and a PSP at the same time.
  3. K

    Insomniac Spyro Fanclub

    This is a fanclub for the first three spyro games. (Made By Insomniac, Not the horrible new ones) It is a continuation of the original thread. So you may sign up as a character. (as long as it is in the first three games) This is a first question What is your favorite world? Why?
  4. K

    Insomniac Spyro Fanclub

    This is the Insomniac Spyro Fanclub (Original 3 Spyro) This is for the original Spyro games. First Question: What is your favorite world? You may sign up as a character.
  5. K

    Having Trouble......

    :cursing: A good chunk of the songs in Spyro The Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, and Spyro: Year of the dragon soundtracks do not work or are missing. The same with the same with the Super Smash Bros. Melee. Also I want to post a new thread and I cannot figure out how to make one.
  6. K

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    LOL he was a fat lion. Sora's goofy smile in KH1- it was a scary smile The songs in Altlantica in KH2
  7. K


    I beat him at a really low level because I had the Ultima Weapon Keyblade and I used dodge roll alot so to make the battle easier try using the Ultima Weapon