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    the BBS boxart

    Haven't posted in a while. But today I saw the boxart for BBS and noticed something odd. King Micky, Aqua, and Ven all have keyblades with keychains, but Terra in the background doesn't seem to. I don't know if this is significant or just a fluke, but I wanted to get other's opinions. Pic...
  2. L


    I've been away from khinsider for a while, and lately have checked in more...and something common I have just seen was the word Unversed. I am not sure what it is, and if someone could explain it to me, that'd be really helpful? And sorry if this might be in the wrong place.
  3. L


    I've heard a lot about the iPhone 3G, but am wondering...which is better to have, 3, 8, or 16GB iPhone?
  4. L


    This might be a stupid question, but what is Real-time? I'm asking this because I was reading an article on FF v XIII, and it said, "Japanese gaming publications have reported that the battle system will be reminiscent of Kingdom Hearts" Also: "Think of a real-time version of the cinematic...
  5. L

    Zexion, 358/2 Days

    Well, I was just wondering about how he'll work in multiplayer with using his book, and wanted to get other people's opinions... Your thoughts?
  6. L

    Keyblades, mistake?

    What if MX created the Keyblades, and thought it was a mistake because of how they were used? Maybe that's why he was saying about, "Correcting his mistake." That would explain the phrase in the Gathering, "One legend says its weilder saved the world, while another says that he wrought chaos and...
  7. L

    The Other Friend, Birth By Sleep?

    In a Final Mix Scene, Zexion talks with Xigbar, about the Room of Sleep. Xigbar says about while Xemnas was in the room, that he heard him talking with someone, then he mentions about the Room of Awakening, and says that might be where, "the other friend," is...here's the video: YouTube -...
  8. L


    I wan't sure where to put this, but every image I try and save on this website, dosen't save. It either says invalid URL or unable to save image. Can someone help?
  9. L

    Another Report

    This might be in the wrong section, but I was wondering if someone knew a good place to get KH: Another Report?
  10. L

    Zexion's Lexicon

    I think a Lexicon is a book that contains information...which brings up my question...do you think Zexion's Book will have any importance in future KH titles?
  11. L

    Critical Mode, Strength?

    In FM, during Critical Mode, is your strength doubled?
  12. L

    KH3 Rumor?

    I just wanted to get an idea of who thinks that the new rumor of it being shown or announced at this year's TGS or not. We all know of the three new titles, and I think it would be kind of hard to start a new title, when three others aren't out yet? Your opinions?
  13. L

    Roxas Theory

    Alright, we all know that Roxas had no idea of his existence in the Organization in KH2, in the beginning. My idea involves Castle Oblivion. When Sora went through Castle Oblivion, he began losing memories. My idea involves this scan: http://www.khinsider.com/images/!l/nd4.jpg In one of the...
  14. L


    Has it been confirmed that Xion is playable, because in this scan, it says 2P by the hooded character you're fighting with. Here's the scan (In the left corner): http://www.khinsider.com/images/!a/ndreampage03.jpg EDIT: Had the wrong scan...the right one's up now.
  15. L

    RE: Chain of Memories Release?

    RE: Chain of Memories Release? When looking at the new scans, I saw where it said, "RE: Chain of Memories", and a little after it, it said, "re'serve." Here's the scan (Look under the BBS logo): http://www.khinsider.com/images/!l/rpg3.jpg Is RE: CoM being confirmed to be released?
  16. L

    Naruto List

    Does anyone have the list of release dates per episode of Naruto Shippuden?
  17. L

    Xehanort and Terra, embodiement

    This is to support the Terra=Xehanort theory. Some have said that Terra and Xehanort look alike...what if MX some how posesses Terra's body? With Terra looking like Xehanort, the only parts of Terra's body features that would need to be changed to look like him is, change his hair from brown...
  18. L

    Saved the world, Wrought Chaos?

    Well, I was reading a recent thread and it gave me an idea. In the beginning of the Gathering Secret Ending, There is a phrase that states: "One legend says its weilder saved the world, while another says that he wrought chaos and ruin upon it." During the Leaked footage of BBS (not the recent...
  19. L

    Final Mix Question

    I was wondering, with the Unknown Fight (Xemnas) in KH: FM, Do you have to do certain things before you can unlock this fight? P.S. I'm reposting this here because I got no responses in like a day in the KH Help Section.
  20. L

    MX in Sunset Horizons

    There is a scene in the BBS Leaked Trailer, where MX is talking to someone, he says: "Defeat the Darkness...correct my mistake!" The point is, you never see who exactly he's talking to. Maybe he was talking to one of the Keyblade weilders who use Light. Maybe Mickey? We've heard with the new...