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    The world's enemy

    i just saw a vid of a sephiroth fight with the world's enemy playing in the backround you think that would be a good song for the kh3 sephiroth fight?? http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mFTzWgfsTs (i apologize if the link is broke)
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    kingdom hearts 2 manga vol. 3

    does anyone know when volume 3 of the kh 2 magna comes out??
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    kingdom key replica

    does anyone know a website where i can get a life size not 1/6 scale replica keyblade???
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    your favorate FF heros in kh

    mine r cloud, auron, and sephiroth......he was a good guy too in final fantasy 7 crisis core!!!
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    a question about coded

    a while ago game informer magazine anounced kingdom hearts 358/2 days and kingdom hearts birth by sleep where coming to the U.S but they didn't mention coded so is it coming to the U.S or not?? (if not this means in the opening of kh3 im going to go WTF when did this happen like when kh2 came...
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    the heartless symbol on ansem

    ok so we know that heartless with the symbol on their chest, head or anywhere else where made artificially from the computer in hollow bastion and those who lose their hearts to the heartless become shadows, neoshadows, or some pureblood form of heartless, right but how did ansem get that...
  7. S

    possible menus for BBS,CODED, and 358/2 days

    http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyJ751fbWJU http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MHGEOeA2aM http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3RWTSqgf9I&feature=related i made a poll so rate these vids plz (not responsible if does not work)
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    the 3rd enemy the enemy from the realm of light

    ok you know how heartless are creatures born from darkness and nobodys are from the in-between so that only leaves light also to anyone who thinks im wrong because light can't be evil play final fantasy 3 it says the world was almost over run by evil force of light hell you even got the warriors...
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    the 3rd enemy

    ok i was watching the deep dive video when it flashs the organization numbers under number 8 I saw a text that said "the third enemy = nobody" "who is nobody you ask" they are the noct***" the rest of the line was cut off so this tells us that the new enemys where the 1st the heartless 2nd and...
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    the 14th member (with proof)

    ok this has been discussed a billion times but i found this out so i need to tell someone who cares so... aqua or maybe her nobody could be the 14th member because in the room of sleep where xemnas used the term "friend" you then see aqua or someone elses armour but if you look at the left you...
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    Help/Support ► a real keyblade!!

    can some one tell me where to get a kingdom key, oblivion, and oathkeeper keyblades for my friend (im not talking about keychains im talking about real life props)
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    your organization XII battle theme

    ok some might remmember my post about your name if you where in organization 13 so what from the folowing would you pick for your battle theme (you can only pick from the following) the 13th struggle the 13th reflection the 13th dilemma the 13th anthology the other promise the 14th member...
  13. S

    your organization XIII name

    If you became a nobody and joined organization XII as its secret XVTH member what would your name, (note you don't have to use your name and put an x in it but the name must have a x in it) element and weapon be?? mine would be name:XANDE element:DARKNESS WEAPON: LIGHT BLUE KEYBLADE
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    kh in super smash bros

    whitch of the fallowing charecters would you like to see in super smash bros NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN ONLY PICK 2
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    NAME plz

    (am not sure if this is right place for this but here it goes) can someone tell me the name of the song that plays during the kingdom hearts 2 final mix+ video (help im forced to wright this aganst my will) (brother hits me with yearbook) oww....:cry:
  16. S


    ok so yesterday i was watching FF7AC for no real reson and then i saw something strange then i saw this so maybe that is who axel was before he became a nobody!!!: (P.S if this has been said before plz dont yell at me it just a theory!!!)
  17. S

    traverse town???

    Ok so i was playing CoM out of pur boredom :thumbdown: and when i went back to another level i read the traverse town world diffineison (spelling) and it said "a haven for those whose worlds where lost to darkness" so that got me thinking after you beat Ansem the worlds where restored but then...
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    New Heartless & nobodies

    IM pritty sure this has been asked but just incase does anyone have any ideas on new heartless or nobodies
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    New Worlds

    I appologize if this has been done before but this has been bugging me lately:unsure: So I want your ideas for new worlds both disney and square!! so just list the name of world and tell me where its from EXAMPLE: Spira-final fantasy X & X-2