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  1. Sephiroth0812

    How does Pride represent MoM's character

    What okhi12 mentions isn't a stretch at all as showing off "vanity" is one of the primary traits of Vanitas in both BBS proper as well as during KH 3. Always being egoistical, bullying, arrogant, dismissive and vain is how he acts 99% of the time and yet beyond that and being a destructive...
  2. Sephiroth0812

    How does Pride represent MoM's character

    If I recall correctly, the current names of the Foretellers corresponding to the deadly sins were "gifted"/granted to them by the Master Of Masters upon also receiving the copies of the Book of Prophecies, weren't they? So going by this and the fact that the MoM planned for the Foretellers...
  3. Sephiroth0812

    Dark Road ► Version 5.0.0 postponed, follow-up info at a later date

    Part of me also simply shrugs shoulders due to the fact that I generally found Dark Road to be a little out of place, introducing yet another heap of new, underdeveloped characters who amount to nothing more than side eye-candy and/or cannon fodder for drama points while centering on the one...
  4. Sephiroth0812

    Recapturing the magic

    I do have to admit that I have a massive case of deja-vu with this whole topic as I've seen it surface not once but twice or even more ever since I entered the KH series back in 2004 (I was an anonymous reader of this forum way before I officially joined in 2010 too). Milestones of putting KH I...
  5. Sephiroth0812

    Dark Road ► Version 5.0.0 postponed, follow-up info at a later date

    Can't say I'm surprised considering the overall track record with the handling of the "mobile department" of the series.
  6. Sephiroth0812

    The hate for nomura is getting old

    Fandom Menace? Is that the moniker they got nowadays? I remember back in the days when I still gave a modicum of shit about the SW fandom they were more often called prequel haters, trolls or simply OT-purists. I've never hated the prequels despite their dialogue and pacing not exactly being...
  7. Sephiroth0812

    Would you be in favor of Original/Square Enix worlds in replace of Disney worlds?

    This discussion is already as old as the fandom itself it seems, at least the whole issue with "FF worlds" has been around since the CoM/KH 2 days and I remember the answer being always the same regarding it. There will never be actual "Final Fantasy worlds" because the FF characters in the KH...
  8. Sephiroth0812

    News ► Yen Press announces Kingdom Hearts: The Complete Novel Collector's Edition

    Neato. Could get this as a Christmas or birthday present. *squints* Although in order to import this I'll need an ISBN yet I don't see one!?
  9. Sephiroth0812

    What characters do you think are overrated/underrated in the series?

    And on top of this said third party (Yen Sid) has also no idea what exactly happened either since he only "knows" via his stargazing or whatever he does that "Eraqus' star blinked out" and that both Xehanort and Terra were somehow involved. --- Generally I am hesitant to point fingers at "over-...
  10. Sephiroth0812

    Your thoughts on Rokusor

    If I recall correctly, back in the days of the 2010s the ship moniker was actually SoRoku, as in Sora x Roxas. Always more of a niché pairing, but imho largely fine if one doesn't insist on applying the whole "biologically related" matter to them.
  11. Sephiroth0812

    Why did Riku ignore Kairi between CoM and KH2?

    He explicitly says in KH 2 that he didn't want anyone, especially from his home islands, to see him. Apart from the whole watching over Sora, helping Naminé and DiZ and keeping tabs on what the Organisation was up to Riku also still felt a whole lot of guilt and shame about what he did in KH 1...
  12. Sephiroth0812

    How would canon change if Roxas had Sora's appearance instead of Ven's and Naminé had Sora's or Kairi's?

    It's not just in KH 3, it can also be seen when comparing Ven and Sora in BBS and KH 1 respectively when dealing with Phil in Olympus. When he says they can't be trained/enter the games both boys are disappointed and pout a bit, but Ventus ultimately accepts and relents while Sora remains...
  13. Sephiroth0812

    How would canon change if Roxas had Sora's appearance instead of Ven's and Naminé had Sora's or Kairi's?

    This I think is the core of the issue even without theorizing about any "canon changes" in terms of appearances. Sora, Roxas and Ventus do not have much interaction among themselves at all as well as with other major characters. In vanilla KH 3 these characters interacted almost nothing at all...
  14. Sephiroth0812

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    What Vanitas actually did is contradicting himself in KH 3 when looking at all his statements in vanilla KH 3 and Re:Mind together. Not to mention he talks about "black masses" inside Ven which he doesn't know the origin of and can't confirm if they belong to Ven, to himself or a third being...
  15. Sephiroth0812

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    Tbh I am more of the impression that Vanitas is a hybrid-being similar to Roxas instead of one of the full "lesser" six darknesses. Yet while Roxas was created from both the hearts of Sora and Ventus, Vanitas was created from a combination of Ven's own Darkness and the one of the six "lesser"...
  16. Sephiroth0812

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    The only available information on this topic would be the original tale of the Keyblade War and how Keyblades came to be which was told in earlier games of the series by both Xehanort (in BBS reports if I recall correctly) and Yen Sid (in DDD) which was about how originally everything was full...
  17. Sephiroth0812

    KHUX ► *SPOILERS* Finale Complaint Thread

    Player never was a Dandelion to begin with, they declined Ava's invitation. That they even were around in Ux was only due to Ephemer's and Skuld's decision to "fetch" them after the end of Browser-Chi. The whole Player-has-affinity-for-Darkness claim does have some merit though when one...
  18. Sephiroth0812

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    I'm inclined to believe as well that Luxu and Brain came to some sort of agreement. The way Luxu words it seems to indicate that he thinks losing Brain's intellect by having him stuck in the crumbling world would be a waste so while he might indeed take Brain's body as his first vessel and...
  19. Sephiroth0812

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    I keep forgetting that there is an actual official English version of Ux that supposedly gives official translations (which are often more stupid or at least more stiff than what @Goldpanner gives us). Since I only ever follow the story cutscenes alone perhaps that's another reason why I keep...
  20. Sephiroth0812

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    Correct me if I remember this wrong but didn't Ienzo say something related to the issue with the three hearts inside Sora (Ven, Roxas and Xion) being somehow "integrated" into his own yet also each of them having their own distinctive "box"? I also remembered that Sora/Ven or Sora/Roxas might...