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  1. Weeaboo

    so last month was my anniversary

    i've been a member of this hellhole for like, 6 years now, wth it's okay, this place is still aight nobody cares tho, so peace
  2. Weeaboo

    Future of Square Enix

    Seeing as I'm going to be doing a panel at a convention for sure, I need to know some info on things Square Enix. These will include: Video Games Manga Anime Miscellaneous So if you can, please give me some ideas for things coming up in the second half of 2013 (June onwards) Oh and anything...
  3. Weeaboo

    Doing a Square Enix panel at a con

    Hello forum people. In a few months, I'll be doing a Square Enix panel at a convention. However, I was wondering what would be some things that I could talk about? It can be from any of the Square Enix branches; NA, JP, EU, etc etc. Thanks.
  4. Weeaboo


    Some of you may know that I recently got a RAT or Remote Access Trojan. I acquire it by clicking a link sent to me via skype. So far, I've had nothing but trouble. So please, reblog this link's contents on tumblr or pass it around. A mashup of things I find cool - PSA: Skype virus locks your...
  5. Weeaboo

    I did a video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toValFLMAA8&feature=plcp Art isn't mine, I got permission to add the music to the art!
  6. Weeaboo

    I also made tags

    Excuse all the shitty text. I still don't have that down when it comes to these.
  7. Weeaboo

    Lotsa Avatars

    Sorry if they're all the same or you don't like where they're all from. But as those who do graphics, you should have an unbiased opinion on things in the first place...right? Anyway, here, some avatars. I'll make another post after with more and more. I got a ton.
  8. Weeaboo


  9. Weeaboo

    Tech ► Gaming rig on Tigerdirect for $30

    Buy the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GX6105 Gaming PC at TigerDirect.ca This is too good to be true.
  10. Weeaboo

    Help/Support ► I can't go to school because I'm 18?

    Just a small rant about what I've been told yesterday. Apparently because I'm 18, I cannot go to public school anymore. Now, I know I'm not the best kid in the world. I didn't make the perfect grades, I didn't even finish my last month of school, and I barely even paid attention in class...
  11. Weeaboo

    Anime Blues Con 2011

    It was so AWESOME. There were so many cool cosplays! I'll post more that I find, don't worry! Here are some I took with my crappy phone! My sister was Honey in the first two, but our friend was Honey in the picture later on.
  12. Weeaboo

    I'm at a con

    And I'm taking a ton of pictures. Will post em when I return Monday. Yay.
  13. Weeaboo

    walking through the forest with you

    was the best time i ever had. just like the ocean one, i did this on iscribble.
  14. Weeaboo

    a shadow floating over us

    i really like this :L
  15. Weeaboo

    roughhousing is not frowned upon

    generally, i like to thank my mouse for being a good sport.
  16. Weeaboo

    what style is this?

    what style would you call these? bottom is the most recently done. these all took from 20 to maybe 30 minutes to color and another 10 to get the fine details. 5 maybe or so for the sketch? i do like what i see though.
  17. Weeaboo

    just some random digi art

    i swear this might go into traditional media.... all have my own art in.....with a mouse. the last is a collab. it was awesome.
  18. Weeaboo

    Might not be on as much

    Everyone should know by now, at least those that get on a lot, that my neighborhood is in danger of flooding. Now that the Governor of Tennessee has come on TV and confirmed it, heck, even putting sandbags at city hall, we're packing up what's important and running. We do have another house to...
  19. Weeaboo


  20. Weeaboo

    there's something in my garden

    Seriously. What is it?!