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  1. EnchantedDominion

    Why do you think people rage quit in online games so much?

    My first was Bloodborne. I bought it when it came out. I played it for like 2 hours and never got to the first boss or down the first street. I put it away for like a year. Tried it again then sold it. Ended up buying it again a few years later. Rage quit for the same reasons and sold it. Then I...
  2. EnchantedDominion

    Film ► Media that traumatised you as a kid

    Reading these comments I had a MUCH different childhood. I can remember being afraid of scenes from the 1992 Dracula and Dead Alive. If we wanna get real, the stuff that probably freaked me out the most at the time was walking downstairs and seeing what dad had on the TV in the middle of the...
  3. EnchantedDominion

    Why do you think people rage quit in online games so much?

    Dark Souls will teach you all about rage quitting lol
  4. EnchantedDominion

    Film ► Your Favorite Disney Characters

    I hear you. Hela was pretty dull. I do love me some Blanchett, though. She was honestly more badass as Galadriel and Elizabeth I. lol
  5. EnchantedDominion

    Film ► Your Favorite Disney Characters

    Disney: Pinocchio SW: Darth Sidious Pixar: Slinky Marvel: Thor
  6. EnchantedDominion

    Politics What Do You Think About President Biden So Far?

    Undergrad is about $20k a year at a good school. The first 2 years of college are a hell of a lot cheaper if you go to junior college, which is the route everyone should take. No need to do those first 2 years in a 4 year. Total waste of money. The $50k would pay for your whole BA. There are...
  7. EnchantedDominion

    TV ► [RUMORS] Harry Potter Live-Action TV-series in Early Development

    This is a game being created by a team of many different people with many different opinions, not a single person. If he were funding some genocide project, it would be a different matter, but having some political opinions I might not like doesn't warrant me not getting a game. Absolutely...
  8. EnchantedDominion

    Film ► How To Begin Star Wars?

    I just rewatched episode 1 and I don't find it overwhelming or hard to follow at all. They focus on a simple plot of a trade takeover and a battle that follows it. You slowly get introduced to the Sith and the overlying story.
  9. EnchantedDominion

    General ► What is your country and what are the pros and cons of living there

    I could write you a novel about the US especially after the last few years. There is no way I could keep it as short as you have. Haha. Sounds lovely, though. I do often think of moving to Luxembourg.
  10. EnchantedDominion

    Mickey's my favorite of the toon gang too :D

    Mickey's my favorite of the toon gang too :D
  11. EnchantedDominion

    TV ► [RUMORS] Harry Potter Live-Action TV-series in Early Development

    Well that's one way to take someone's topic and steer it somewhere else for 4 pages lol. @Lulcy When you say Harry Potter live action series, do you mean a remake of the films in TV form or something new based on the universe? I am tired of hearing about Harry himself. I find the universe much...
  12. EnchantedDominion

    Film ► How To Begin Star Wars?

    I'm prob the only one who prefers to watch them in chronological order instead of the order in which they were released. I always start with episode 1. lol I can't believe you've never seen Star Wars before. o: I'm gonna rewatch those soon. I feel like watching those, LOTR and Jurassic Park.
  13. EnchantedDominion

    Film ► Cruella: May 2021

    I'm not sure how I feel about it. Why does she have magic powers? Like when she makes her dress flare up. What? xD It's an interesting concept. I love Glenn Close as Cruella so I'm glad they're not doing a remake with her as an older adult.
  14. EnchantedDominion

    That's a good one. I like Fun and Fancy Free too.

    That's a good one. I like Fun and Fancy Free too.
  15. EnchantedDominion

    What game is that in your signature? Mickey and the Castle of Illusions?

    What game is that in your signature? Mickey and the Castle of Illusions?
  16. EnchantedDominion

    Politics Hey Americans...

    There has to be some way to fix that. Some kind of nonpartisan committee. I don't believe in political parties. I think they exist to lobby and brainwash in effort to rule. Impeachment trial is going to proceed. Six clear-headed Republican Senators actually voted for it. The rest should be...
  17. EnchantedDominion

    Lucky emblems lore?

    I immediately thought of Hidden Mickeys. They're a Disney thing. The parks have Mickey symbols hidden around and people have actually written books trying to identify all of them. I enjoyed it. I like finding stuff like that. It's like when you're a kid looking for hidden eggs on Easter. Like...
  18. EnchantedDominion

    Do you prefer to own physical or digital version of games?

    There's 2 super important things about physical games: 1. They are much quicker to download because you only have to worry about the update files. 2. There is no worry about the company closing down or deciding to delete their storage. If my PS4 still works in 20 years and I have the physical...