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  1. Rakushīnu

    Where are the other KH1 worlds

    Since SE remade coded for the DS do you think they should have added more worlds from KH1. Re:coded is one of the shortest KH titles released. When SE was making it for the DS maybe they should have expanded the story further by adding more worlds. In coded Jiminy's journal gets digitized. But...
  2. Rakushīnu

    Kingdom Hearts Leader Boards

    bitmob.com had an interview with FF XIII battle director Yuji Abe, about the game having an online leader boards. This got me thinking that it would be nice if future KH games had some sort of online leader board.
  3. Rakushīnu

    KH Manga & Novels

    When I saw dlppictures post about getting KH II Manga from amazon.co.jp, I was like why didn't I think of that. I had been wanting to get all the KH manga and novels. I had found a few sites that had like 6 to 8 of the manga and novels but didn't want to have to order from like four different...
  4. Rakushīnu

    Gamestop KH DS Kit

    We finally get something other than just the game! Gamestop.com - Buy DSi / DS Lite Kingdom Hearts Kit (PDP) - Nintendo DS
  5. Rakushīnu

    KH 2009 hours played

    Last year (09), I decide it would be fun to keep up with how much i played kingdom hearts each month. So every month last year if I played a kingdom hearts game I recorded how many hours I played it. Now I have added all the different months together for a single total for each game. 038:55...
  6. Rakushīnu

    Days after the credits

    After the credits finished and the end game screen came up, I was like what, where are my stats!? You know like in KH, KH2, and RE:CoM. Then I thought about CoM(GB), it didn't have end game stats either. So i guess that they didn't have enough room on the cards or the hardware capability didn't...
  7. Rakushīnu

    358/2 Days Sales number

    According to VGChartz Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days sold 265,181 its first week. VGChartz - Please Take A Moment To Visit Our Sponsor
  8. Rakushīnu

    358/2 days poster

    Just got the game from gamestop. The poster that i got with it is way bigger than i thought. I thought it was going to be small like 8x11. But its big at 19x29. K sorry.
  9. Rakushīnu

    358/2 Days Wallpapers

    Square Enix has updated their members website with a days section that has wallpapers and a Fan-powered Q&A. SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS
  10. Rakushīnu

    KH2FM+ Question

    I just finished KHFM and going to play KH2FM+. On Critical mode, you begin with the ability 0 EXP. While this is equipped, you gain no experience. I understand this. My question is if i make it all the way to the end of the game with the 0 EXP equipped, can i unequip it and get to level 99...
  11. Rakushīnu

    Famitsu review 358/2

    Famitsu as review KH 358/2 Days 9/9/9/9 36/40 Link: http://www.nintendoeverything.com/?p=16520
  12. Rakushīnu

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Protect Case DSi & Nintendo DSi (Kingdom Hearts Edition)

    Play-Asia has put up a 358/2 Days DSi Case. Buy Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Protect Case DSi (Nintendo DSi) - Play-Asia.com
  13. Rakushīnu

    358/2 Days - New screenshots

    Some new screen shots of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Screenshots & Images /// Eurogamer.pt Some of them we have seen before, few are new, i think.
  14. Rakushīnu

    Play as a Heartless

    Dose anyone think that u would ever be able to play as a Heartless, like in a mini game for example. Not talking about a game where you are a heartless, just something extra in a future game.