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  1. K

    That Angel.

    Each morning I can still hear her, the Fawn in my headlights. The sound of her chest deflating, dirges in the distance. The feeling of Courage, I couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t stop. Her life lay upon mine, her cries in my skull. Her angelic figure with crimson wings spread across the pavement. One...
  2. K

    TWEWY and KH

    does anyone think a world based on Shibuya can happen... like Sora & co. end up in Shibuya and fight alongside Neku.... b/c didnt Nomura design characters for TWEWY?
  3. K

    Twenty Years from now...

    Ok so how many people would love for a KH Collector's Edition- all games, to be released in like 20 yrs... I would like force my kid to buy it =P
  4. K

    Org memebers from CoM...

    if sora and riku took out Larxene, Laxaues (sp), Zexion, Vexen, Marluxia, etc. in CoM, how do they appear in Days, isnt it after the events of CoM when Sora is asleep?
  5. K


    hey does anyone know where i mite beable ot lay hands on a BBS demo file for PSP? (please no flaming, i kno it isnt in america yet, and i know that it prob doesnt exist to the public, but ill try nonetheless)
  6. K

    KH Fighter

    Does anyone think a Kingdom Hearts fighter like Soul Caliber be a fun game?
  7. K

    Stair Scene

    when i was watching a KH amv there was a scene where sora & co. wer running up stairs destroying shadow after shadow. Which game was it from?
  8. K

    Can it be done?

    yes i do realize this has been said before, but i have a differnt question? Considering that Coded would be a multi part game... could someone port it to PSP... it said that it would be played with one hand? so.. please give me your thoughts please no flaming... [althjough i do like fire]
  9. K

    Xion and Sora

    I have just recently read a thread that said the xion was sora's mother, can anyone shed somelight on this subject?
  10. K

    Wouldn't it be cool if.....

    IN THEORY: there is a likelyhood of KH3 coming out for PS3. well wat wud u all say if since you can have computer connectivity, u can make your own keyblade on the PC/Mac, then in the game use it.
  11. K

    Kingdom Hearts Franchise.....

    ok there has been some hype about a KH movie/ TV SHOW welll. if it does become a show or a movie. do u think there would be eveything kingdom hearts like halloween costumes that ISN'T cosplay or cups/ clothes toys etc.
  12. K

    KH2FM+ English Patch

    there has been word going around that people are making english patches for the game like the menus and stuff