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    The Bald Guy - Possibly Original Master of Keyblade!

    See the keychain? It's the Kingdom Key keychain. Now imagine if this is him - the original Keyblade Master. Xigbar did say that others had been better than Sora. What if Mickey, at the end, is currently going to defeat this man, take his Keychain for himself, which then gets passed on to Sora as...
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    The Keychain is King Mickey's Head! (on the bald guy's keyblade!)

    I just realized that the bald guy's Keychain is King Mickey's head, as in the one on Kingdom Key. What could this mean? Is he more related to Sora than we think?
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    Theory on How to Reach AU

    Many ideas have been bopping around that the new secret ending takes place in Castle Oblivion, as a Memory of Xehanort reborn by the Castle's memory-showing rooms. We have also seen a place in the PV that looks exactly like Castle Oblivion (in KHII) called the White Place. This could be linked...
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    Chests In New Hollow Bastion Map

    I can't help but shake the feeling that these two chests are very important. We know that the large chests hold valuable items, which brings me to my next point based on completely random speculation: Could these two chests hold the 2 new secret weapons for Donald + Goofy? Think about it -...
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    The game is shipping from Play-Asia?

    People who managed to get their pre-order into the first batch from Play Asia have already had their games shipped! How long does it take for it to reach homes? Will they get it before Thursday?
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    If we fight the E.S., we'll hear his voice, right?

    I doubt we'd run around fighting the E.S. without him making some sort of noise. Not to mention, it would be kinda lame if we walked through a door and fought him without any cutscenes. Same with the new secret vid - if there's fighting going on, you're not going to be silent when you get...
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    Main Site Spelling Mistakes

    Under "XIII Battles" in Kingdom Hearts 2 (ont he main page) you have a little section called 'Battle Strategy' which tells you how to beat the Org. Member. Every single one says "Startegy" instead of "Strategy". Just thought I'd point this out so it can be fixed.
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    Zexion Possibly Still Alive

    I have a theory that Zexion is still alive and well. It's quite far-fetched, but we don't have enough information to prove it wrong or true: In this picture we see someone with sort of long, silver hair carrying one of the knights up the mountain towards Kingdom Hearts (or just gazing at...