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  1. Royce & Mueller

    What's up with the KHWiki?

    Being a frequent contributor to the Bleach wiki (and TVTropes...occasionally), I'm not exactly a stranger to wiki drama. But...what on earth is up with the KHWiki? 1-....Why are there two of them? Sometimes they collaborate, sometimes they...bicker. 2-Some of their stuff is hilariously...
  2. Royce & Mueller

    Reality Shifts Questions

    To all who are currently attending (attended) E3 and got their hands on the DDD HD demo, I've got a few pretty straight-forward questions: How are Reality Shifts triggered? A downward swipe on the touch-pad? Also, how exactly do they work? How do you, for example, connect the dots for...
  3. Royce & Mueller


    Okay, KHI peoples. I have a question for you: Do any of you play around with any of the titular softwares? If so, then just say yes! Might also help to post some of the things you've done with it. There might be something good coming up mighty soon. ;)
  4. Royce & Mueller

    Final Fantasy X-3 Coming?

    Sora96 said it! So it must be true. The pieces? The logic? It adds up. Somewhere. What do you guys think? The greatest video game designer of all time, the great Motomu Toriyama, is making X-3!
  5. Royce & Mueller

    KH "Dissidia"

    It's pretty silly. BUT. If there was a Dissidia KH, would it look....anything like this?
  6. Royce & Mueller

    Something about 0.2 BBS stuck out to me...

    This: Look at it. Just look at it. I've always appreciated the logo design in Kingdom Hearts games. Even with ridiculous titles, it's always been kind of...elegant. It's like, you knew from the outset what you were getting. But this? This is just ridiculous. It's so cluttered and...
  7. Royce & Mueller

    Tiniest Bit of Feedback

    I posted this before on the KH Wiki just as an experiment, but I thought I'd give it a try here. Basically, I just need you to look at these logo and rate it on how "legit" it looks - 1 being fake as crap, 10 being passable that it looks like the real thing - something that could actually come...