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  1. D

    Sora's First Journey's Anniversary

    So, after a little bit of digging I found no one talked about this, so I might as well make it a thread. In Halloween Town Plaza in the first game there's this clock with a counter to how many days until Halloween (36). Which means, that at least in Halloween Town it should be September 26th...
  2. D

    So, Utada Divorced... Again.

    https://aramajapan.com/news/utada-hikaru-divorces-husband-of-nearly-4-years/86989/ Seems confirmed that Utada divorced from one of my connationals. Found this article in English, but got the news from italian sources usually trustworthy. Well, I kinda saw it coming. Apparently it's her second...
  3. D

    Xigbar's Sudden Realization

    Since he's missing an eye therefore perception of depth, that's why it's really easy to fool Xigbar in KH II, when you see from his perspective. Would also explain why he just fires in rapid succession where Sora was instead of where he'll be. Unlike his boss fight in Terra's story, where he has...
  4. D

    Those Shady Guests!

    Everytime I see that a thread in Forum Insanity, Forum Games or similar is being viewed by guests I keep wondering, well... WHY? I understand viewing threads about the games and theories and events (that's what I did for a good while), but idk why people browse such silliness. "Oh man, them...
  5. D

    Help/Support ► I often feel really unwanted (not your fault)

    I might've mentioned here and there that this is a part of my life where things have been changing and I'm facing some issues. Since this affects/affected my behaviour and I've started being somewhat active here, I think I ought to speak a bit of what's been on my mind. ...more than that, I...
  6. D

    What *are* Anti Sora and Sora's Shadow?

    Hey y'all. This thread might've been opened a few times in the past due to the nature of the subject, but exactly because it's an old debate I'd like to see if there's something I don't know, because I think I've pretty much figured it out. First of all, with "Anti Sora" I'm talking about the...
  7. D

    First Kingdom Hearts like Alice in Wonderland

    One of the most common statements made about the first Kingdom Hearts according to many is that the game has a fairy tale-esque atmosphere to it; for nothing more than my personal amusement I’ve decided to push this comparison even further and see how much KH1 shares with one of my favourite...
  8. D

    Will Kingdom Hearts III help or damage Union X?

    I guess I'll put this in the general section. Pretty self-explanatory title. When KH III will drop, will people be more interested in getting/getting back into Union, possibly also for what ties the two games will share? Or will many more say "Finally, the one game I wanted" and even stop...
  9. D

    Lea and the DTD

    Hiya! Discussing with friends, one of them made a good point. Why does Lea focuses on looking at the Door To Darkness scribbled on Ansem's wall? More like, it's not quite clear how he jumped from the Door To Darkness to Yen Sid and wanting a Keyblade. Was he thinking about the Seven...
  10. D

    GiantBomb's Kingdom Heartache

    Youtube channel Giant Bomb decided to board the hype train and playing some Kingdom Hearts, starting from the first one. Sadly, as far as I could tell their approach is the same as any youtuber that tries to cover the series: much ignorance on the franchise, getting lots of things wrong and of...
  11. D

    Problems With Osaka (Moved Posts)

    Since I don't really agree with this statement, I'm sitting this one out. Edit to be clear: I have nothing personal against Nomura and the rest of the staff (aside from wishing the Osaka Team guys had another calling in life), I however found a lot of past flaws really grating and I wanna see...
  12. D

    TFS Watches Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover (and more)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPqQdaNpaak&t=336s I'm aware watching people watching a movie is not for everyone, but I found it pretty funny. Always nice to see such a convoluted product seen by people blissfully unaware of half the stuff in it, and some jokes the guys made were pretty good."...
  13. D

    Where does the body of a weak-willed Heartless go?

    I think I can post this here right? I always have doubts. While discussing with friends, a question came to mind: what happens when you vanquish the Heartless of someone that never generated a Nobody? Does they still come back as a whole being, or is their heart lost in the Darkness? Ansem SoD...
  14. D

    Xemnas Chamber Scene

    buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer buffer...
  15. D

    The Problem With Kingdom Hearts by The Cosmonaut

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R88XGClRibU&feature=youtu.be&a I so relate to this. I don't agree 100% on everything (BbS' gameplay is kind of a mess), but almost entirely on a story level.
  16. D

    Aside From X-Blade, The Strongest Key

    Here's a thread I thought could be mindless fun. Ruling the ultimate key of doom out, which do you think it the strongest Keyblade shown so far? You can decide to go with in-game stats, or even just concepts. Ultima Weapon is supposed to be the one that draws out the utmost potential of the...
  17. D

    Drop Gauge System: challenging mechanic or reallly bad gaming design?

    There. If anyone else wants to address this topic, here it is, since it does seem quite a few people including myself have an opinion about this. For newcomers: the Drop Gauge System in DDD managed to rival CoM's card system in dividing the fandom between those who like it and call it a smart...
  18. D

    That Odd Boss in Traverse Town

    This section is understandably not as active, but since I'm a KH1 lover I figured I might as well. For years I've actually been wondering about the Opposite Armor's journal entry: "Heartless that guards the keyhole in Traverse Town. It is a modified form of Guard Armor, but is more powerful."...
  19. D

    Mushroom XIII and the robes

    Hiya! (is that how you spell it? I'm having doubts.) Today, I wanted to share a little hypotesis of mine which came out while I was discussing the whole KH Shroom family with my group. So this is just a part of the actual discussions about these peculiar Heartless, regarding the XIII ones in KH...
  20. D

    My personal take on the TAV Trio

    Howdy! I thought about doing my own personal take on a completely unoriginal and already seen topic, just for giving my piece of mind about the infamous Terra-Aqua-Ventus Trio. Often we see discussion about them, considering a lot of people thought they were poorly mixed together, while others...