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    Rate the Avatar above you

    How does each persons avatar look? Go give a rating.
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    Riku Light, Dark, or Twilight...

    CoM brings up a big question once you beat it. Wiil Riku eventually become Twilight, or is he already there? After Riku says that he can faintly smell Ansem inside of him, Mickey says that Riku has a balance between Light and Darkness. His Darkness is his own, just like his Light. Also, at the...
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    Need Support

    Does anybody have a Kingdom Key or Ring or Amulate that they don't need? I mainly need the Kingdom Key. I'll pay you between 40 and 70 for it.
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    Riku and BHK Theory

    Ok, here's what I think. Everybody is saying that the BHK is Twilight and Riku is Dark, right? Those who've beaten Chain of Memories COMPLETELY know that Diz appears before and Mickey when they're about to choose which path to take. Riku basiclly tells Diz that light and dark both reside inside...
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    Nice KH GIFs

    http://www.khmaniacs.com/multimedia/gifs.php ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Good stuff guys. Check it out!
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    Deck Showoff

    Showoff your decks for Sora here. This is mine: x9 level 9 Ultima Weapon x3 level 3 Oblivion x9 level 0 Diamond Dust x2 level 8 Cloud x1 level 7 Cloud x3 level 7 Tinker Bell x3 level 9 Potin x1 level 9 Megalixer x1 level 6 Megalixer Oogie Boogie Vexen Marluxia Riku (Ansem for multiplayer) What...
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    RPG Stuff

    Whats with the RPG thing? It seem pretty kool!