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    POTC 2 in KH3? **SPOILERS for POTC2**

    Okay, I just saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 today and I thought of KH3 when I saw it. For those who have seen it know that the movie involves a key to open Davy Jones' chest. Well, in KH3, maybe Sora might have to open the chest with his keyblade to help Jack Sparrow because they couldn't...
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    okay, question..

    I replaying KH2 right now and when you are doing Roxas' story, and you see DiZ and the org. member in the computer room, who is the org. member. I can't seem to remember who it is.... It's just driving me crazy. Most of yall will prolly know...
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    i've noticed something

    Okay, in KH1, I've noticed that towards the beginning of the game in one of the cutscenes in Mickey's world, when they find out the king is missing, Donald says to Daisy, "Would you take care of the-" and Daisy cuts him off by saying "Of course." This may be old or I missed it, but does anyone...
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    **help with synthesis materials!!**

    Okay, I'm trying to get 7 Orchicalums + (or however you spell it) and I know the seventh one needs to be obtained by getting all of the synthesis materials. I have read the ultima weapon guide and it doesnt have where you can obtain all materials. can anyone tell me how to get all of the...
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    another nobody theory *spoilers*

    Okay, in KHI, Traverse Town was the place for people whose worlds were destroyed. In KHII, Twilight Town plays the same role. In the beginning of the game, Roxas is of course Sora's nobody. Do you think all of the characters in Twilight Town are Nobodys, such as Hayner, Pence, and Olette, or...
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    help with journal

    Okay, I'm trying to get all of the treasures and I can't find 3. One is in Twilight Town, and if you count across, from left to right, it should be the 30th one. And I can't find two chests in The Land of Dragons. When you count across, left to right, it should be numbers 16 and 18. Thanks!!
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    does anyone know?

    does anyone have or know where i can find the piano sheet music of Roxas' theme on the Internet??
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    help completing jiminys journal!!

    okay im trying to complete the journal and im trying to do the poster duty in twilight town in 30 seconds. i can't seem to get it...is there any humanly possible way to do this??? maybe skateboarding?? but i see no skateboard... a little help here...thanks!!
  9. O


    i need help defeating the dragon-thingy in the world that never was (the second to last boss fight) any strategies or tips?? thank you!!
  10. O

    help defeating xigbar!!

    i need help!!! tips and strategies would be appreciated... thanks!
  11. O


    um yeah i JUST got KH2 today because it was delayed 10 days...so im really behind.....I know this is totally random but i just wanted to tell yall how excited i am to play now!! anybody STILL don't have KH2 or their deliveries are delayed??? KH2=TEH BEASTT
  12. O

    so confused....

    okay, yall have probably heard this a million times, but i was going to go pre-order kh2 on amazon and it said kh2 would be released on APRIL 15. okay.... now im really confused.:confused: is this wrong or amazon just has no idea what they're talking about??