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    Hello everyone n2mu

    A khux remake is my dream/a game with brain in scala
  2. S

    khux ending

    Ok so for me personally I loved the khux ending it had everything that makes a good kh ending. 1. It answered some questions that I'm sure some people had. 2. It gave us some things to ponder/think about, reincarnation, the creation of scala ed calum, the keyblade council, and more. 3. and I...
  3. S

    Kh novels

    Ok thanks
  4. S

    Kh novels

    Oh thanks for the info. So for a question you could ask how to beat a specific boss, or a level, stuff like that?
  5. S

    Kh novels

    Sorry I'm not really used to "treads"
  6. S

    Kh novels

    Idk just wanted to get that out there.
  7. S

    Kh novels

    So far I've read the kh2, manga the 1st book of kh3, 358/2days manga, the khux Novel, bbs novel, chain of memorys manga, and I need to read the re:coded book, and ddd the Novel.