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    No more ***SPOILER*** forum?

    do you think that now that they released KHII in the UK and australia they'll get rid of the stupid spoiler forum so we an say whatever we want now? i really hope they do. how bout u guys?
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    Making of CoM 3D

    i think they made this game before CoM then decided it would be better to release it after they made the GBA game. but they could've very well made it after KH2, which also seems likely. what do u think?
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    KH2 Dialogue

    is it just me, or did any of you think that the dialogue in KH2 was real bad, or atleast not-so-good? i mean, the voice overs were pretty good, but for alot of the cutscenes (mostly disney ones) i thought it was bad dialogue. the worst dialogue i heard in the whole game was the ones with...
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    Bad Gummi Models

    Remember how in KH all the unlockable models were really awesome? well, in KH2, i think they all sucked. i mean, you cold upgrade them, but dont you think they should already come as good models? especially since we worked so hard for them?
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    Who found really found any of the accessories useful? I mean, besides the lucky ring, draw ring, and any AP raising items, they werent all that helpful. Like some that said "20% fire resistance" or "40% darkness resistance", i mean cmon if you're really high lvled those wont make a difference...
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    change display name

    is there any way i can change my display name?
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    Munny Pouch

    yea does anyone know how to get the munny from the munny pouch? i talked to olette and she said come back on the 2nd visit to twilite town but nothing happened. does ANYBODY know how to get that 5000 munny?
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    100 Acre Wood or Atlantica: Which is Worse?

    which did u find worse 100 acre wood or atlantica? personally i hated atlantica cuz of all the stupid little musicals, and 100 acre wood had fun minigames.
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    Sora's Mom

    whatever happened to sora's mom? remember in KH1, on the night that the shadows came, his mom called him down for dinner, but instead he went out to save the raft, which then the story takes place. well, what happened to his mom? they never said anything about her, and isnt he sad she's gone?
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    Zexion's Weapon

    out of all the organization members, only zexion does not hav a weapon. even on his portal, in the room Proof of Existence, his weapon panel is completely destroyed so you cant see what was there. what do you think his weapon was? i think it was something very powerful, but he thought his mind...
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    Favorite Gummi mission

    what was your favorite gummi mission from kh2? by favorite, i mean if you liked the way it looked, liked the enemy set, or liked its prizes. (you dont need to list why its ur fav) mine was phantom storm, since you got to destroy the ship, it just felt fun.
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    Most Annoying Heartless

    which enemy do you find most annoying, and i mean regular heartless not a boss. for me, i hate the living bones. they are very hard to defeat with normal attacks and they were the first heartless to kill me.
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    Monstro took my Trinities and Puppies!

    I hav beaten the game. I am now trying to get all puppies and trinities. But the only ones i need left are in Monstro, and every time I try going there, Goofy says we should leave before he comes back! Wtf!!!!! How am I supposed to get those trinities/puppies now?!?!?! :eek:
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    Hmmmmmmm................ :eek:
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    What is your puny little mind thinking of?

    What is your puny little mind thinking of as you read this thread? I am thinking of wolfing down a extra large pizza and vomting grape juice. Don't ask me why, because I haven't answered that myself. :confused: