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    New 'Recital' Move

    In case you haven't heard the news (but you probably have), the new co-op move in The Nightmare Before Christmas world is called "Recital". Well, in the new Dengeki scans, there is a pic that could be that very move... go to this link to see the scan...
  2. C

    New Info Soon!

    Looks like in the next Dengeki Magazine (and possibly other mags) there will be a buttload of info about KH2 and Sora! For anyone who has not seen this news already, here's a link to khu: http://www.kh2.co.uk/ Finally KH2 is in the spotlight!
  3. C


    At KHU, they updated today and put some promos on the site. Well, I bet most everyone has already seen these posters, etc, but in the second pic, the poster has been targeted in on the bottom left. It shows a mysterious young man... maybe it is Riku. It's probably not the Enigmatic Man (Square...
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    The Lion King World

    Over at KHU they think that in the next V-jump there will be a preview of the heavily-rumored Lion King world. http://www.kh2.co.uk/ What do you guys think? Edit:Looks like KHU got an update... they now bet the next V-jump will have Nightmare before Christmas... but anyways, the Lion King...
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    BHK's Story

    Well, i guess this is another BHK thread, but anyways... I was thinking about how BHK's story will begin. No, not especially his awakening or anything....just his beginning. Now lets assume that BHK is Sora's other side. And maybe not really Sora's other side, but lets just say BHK appeared in...
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    Riku and Twilight Town

    Playing through the main story of CoM, i noticed that before Sora goes to twilight town in castle oblivion, vexen (i think) says that the reason sora has the memory of Twilight Town is because it is on the other side of his heart (BHK). But what about Riku? He goes to twilight town in castle...
  7. C

    Sephiroth Entrance

    I was just playing FFX the other day when I noticed something. When you summon Bahumat he enters almost exactly as Sephiroth does in KH. The part of the entrance that is most similar is at the beginning when u see the spinning ring in the sky. Both Bahumat and Sephiroth enter from it.
  8. C

    Steamboat Willie World...Hmmm...

    What do you think about the new SW world? It should be very interesting... but I wonder-will it have heartless, and if it did, would they look old school disney like the rest of the characters in the SW world? And also...what about the size of this world? I haven't seen the SW cartoon in a good...
  9. C

    Steamboat Willie World

    What do you think the SW World will be like? I've been wondering about this... Will it have heartless? Hmmm....maybe they will be fashioned in an old school way like mickey, sora, donald, goofy, or pete. Also, is SW supposed to be a big world? I haven't seen the SW cartoon in a long time....but...
  10. C

    Beginning of KH2

    How do you think KH2 will start? Here's my personal opinion: I think KH2 will start off with another of Sora's dream sequences like in the first game. You, the player, will be in control of BHK somewhere in twilight town (specifically the clock tower) where the BHK and his three friends have...