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  1. Rix

    Animated Disney shows in KH3

    Inspired by the Elena of Avalor thread. Is there any animated Disney TV-shows that you think would work in KH. Personally, I think they should only stick to movies and I don't think it's very likely that they would resort to TV-shows. But if they did, I personally think that the Aladdin TV-show...
  2. Rix

    10 years!

    Yep, I signed up here 10 years ago today :) I haven't really been much active here in the last 5-6 years or so, but I've recently returned because... Well, I did really miss this place, and it's impossible to really leave khi for good. I sigbed up with the user name rixam, and capitalized the...
  3. Rix

    Help/Support ► I've got no sense of fashion at all.

    I'm making a similiar thread that Gildragon made a while ago. I figured it's about time I'll update my wardrobe, but I have no idea what to buy.. I don't really have any style and I have no idea what style suits me the best. Only thingg I know is that blue is my color. I have long blonde hair...
  4. Rix

    ## The Candylanger fanclub ##

    WELCOME TO THE CANDYLANGER FANCLUB!! He's an awesome friend and he is really nice to everyone, so I thought he deserved this :) CLUB MASCOT: "The donkey with wings" Founder Rixam Members Snow *~BlackCat~* Smile june Crimson destinykh Roa Danica Syer Random Queen Infinite Complex Gesso
  5. Rix

    Looks vs. personality

    So what do you think is the most important when looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend? To be honest, saying that looks doesn't matter at all is a lie. In my opinion, there must be something you find physically attractive about the other person to get you interested. But I would still say that the...
  6. Rix

    -♥- The Selphie Fanclub -♥-

    WELCOME TO THE SELPHIE FANCLUB! (C) Candylanger I will update the first page withmore stuff later. Menwhile, you can join, state you're reason why Selphie deserves her own FC and just talk about how adorable she is :3 Reasons 1. She's so adorable! 2. She can fight, WITH A JUMP ROPE 3. She's...
  7. Rix

    3 years today.

    Just noticed that it's 3 years ago since I joined these forums today so i thought I should make my first anniversary thread. I never thought I would visit here that often when I first joined, and I didn't visit that often the first year. (I think I made about 10 posts the first year) But I'm...
  8. Rix

    Happy birthday Macabre!

    It's also Macabres birthday today so I made a thread for him as well. Happy birthday Mon :D
  9. Rix


    So.. I tried to make any sigs or anything for a good while noe, so I decided to do a new attempt. I'm using GIMP. I'm still new at this, so I know it's far from perfect, but I hope that I'm not totally lost though. Some CnC would have been nice, and I would also like some advice about what...
  10. Rix

    Help/Support ► The second job interview...

    As some of ou might know, I was at a job interview for the position as a store manager last week. They called me back yesterday and asked me if I could come to a second interview on Thursday. The thing is that I have no idea what they are gonna interview me about on that interview since I think...
  11. Rix

    Help/Support ► Need some advice about jobs...

    As some of you might know, I have worked at the same grocery store in almost 3 years now and I'm still in the same position as when I started even though I'm doing a terrific job there and my bosses is really happy with me there. I've only worked part time, but now I'm looking for a full time...
  12. Rix

    I'm completely new at this..

    So this is my first sig: Yes, I do realize that the stock looks a bit LQ, but it didn't to begin with so I continued working with it. It might not be the best sig you have seen, but after all I am new at this and I'm still trying to figure out how everything works :3 But I would still like...
  13. Rix

    Happy Birthday Reflection!

    I found out that it's Reflections birthday today so I guessed I should make her a birthday thread ^_^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY REFLECTION! And oh! The cake:
  14. Rix

    Funny/Unexpected things that happens during a performance.

    Either you have been the performer or have just watched I'm pretty sure that you have experienced things that wasnæt really meant to happen on stage. Some times for the worse and other times for the better. It can be everything from forgotten lines to effects that fails. Share your stories here...
  15. Rix

    The Neverhood

    Anyone remember this game? I remember that I played it years ago on PC and i loved it. It was a really funny game. I don't think I ever beat the game though, but i would have loved to try to beat it if I ever got the chance to play it again.
  16. Rix

    American Pizza vs. Italian Pizza

    So what do you prefer? I can't choose. It does really depend on how the pizza is made and what I feel like eating. I'll might go for American pizza, but real italian pizza is really good.. But I'll vote American for now.
  17. Rix

    The Agent007 Fanclub :D

    Agent007 also known as Dan is one of my best friends here on the forums and a great guy that deserves a new fanclub so here it is :) Members: - Lenny264 - Skater Nobody - Blue Sky - Divine Light - Gildragon - Rixam - Zook - gungonX - Clone - Skullator1011 - SeaSalt IceCream - Krimsun Monkeh...
  18. Rix

    The Eurovision Song Contest 2008 thread

    It's time again for this years Eurovison song contest so I decided to make a thread for it:) I know that the contest is getting crappier and crappier for every year, but since I have watched the contest since I was a little kid, it's a tradition for me to watch it every year. So in this thread...
  19. Rix

    Windows Movie maker...

    Does anybody know how I can change media file on my video so I can upload it on youtube?
  20. Rix

    This is probably just some wikipedia BS, but...

    Follow this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocahontas_%28Disney%29 It's about Pocahontas. Read the Appearances outside films part and there it is something very little written about KH and BBS... Personally I don't really believe this. I don't trust wikipedia and why haven't we got that...