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  1. Grono

    Deep Dive V: What do you usually watch on TV?

    Hey, guys! A lighter topic today for sure, but I was thinking and I don't believe that this series always has to be so dire. Personally, I am usually bound to the same types of content on Netflix. If it's not a documentary about music or a comedy special, I'm probably not there watching it. As...
  2. Grono

    Deep Dive IV: What gives you anxiety? How do you cope?

    Hello, wonderful insiders! I'm continuing today's Deep Dive with a question that's up-close and personal as always: what gives you anxiety? Now, I am a person who experiences a lot of my anxiety in my daily life. I've suspected that I have a crippling anxiety disorder for years now, as several...
  3. Grono

    Deep Dive III: What's your s*xuality?

    Hey, everybody! I don't see a whole lot of people talking about their preferences in regards to what types of people they're attracted to here, and this topic has been on my mind quite a lot recently. You see, for years I was suspecting that my preferences weren't as clear as most people's. I...
  4. Grono

    Help/Support ► Deep Dive II: I want to see your faces! Also body positivity!

    Hey, everybody! I tried something called "deep dive" a while back where I wanted to discuss things that are personally important to us, the first one being what was important to our identities. (I was also proud of the title but that's neither here or there) Well, this one will be a little...
  5. Grono

    The TRUE name of Xehanort's keyblade!

    Hey, just wondering if anyone noticed that in Secret Report 13 Xigbar called Xehanort's keyblade "The Gazing Eye - a keyblade forged from the eye of the Master of Masters." I was really excited when I heard this, since there are many, many keyblades that don't have a name that are wielded by...
  6. Grono

    Spoilers ► Keyblade Design Game-by-Game (Updated Keyblade Design Thread)

    Hello! I wrote a thread about Keyblade Design a while ago, however I'm not satisfied with it as a whole and would like to go game-by-game and briefly talk about the keyblades in each one. Light spoilers for every KHIII keyblade! If you haven't seen them yet, you might perceive them as very...
  7. Grono

    Spoilers ► Which Kingdom Hearts Game has the most effective cutscene?

    Okay, so I'm on a bit of a rush of KH content since I recently finished Kingdom Hearts III, started playing through Birth by Sleep character-by-character on a potential 100% run with each character on critical, and watched Blank Points. My question for y'all is what game can hold claim to the...
  8. Grono

    Data in the Kingdom Hearts Series

    Hello, everybody. Since the most recent trailer for Kingdom Hearts III and the latest story update in Japanese Union X [Cross], I think it's safe to say that Data is a lot more important than we gave it credit for. Let's look at data throughout the different games and see how it's become more...
  9. Grono

    Kingdom Hearts Tattoo!

    Hey, y'all! It's been quite a while since I've really been active on here, but I have been keeping an eye on the series and geeking out about it on my own time. Anyways, my brothers want me to get a tattoo with them that's Kingdom Hearts themed! I've gone through tons of designs, but I want it...
  10. Grono

    My Hare-Brained Half-Baked Theory on Master's Defender & Aqua

    Okay, so hear me out. A while back we got the confirmation that the Master's Defender scene from the very first trailer was not appearing in III, and I'm not buying it for a second. Here is the evidence against it. I thought of this while pondering how the fuck anyone in this series is going to...
  11. Grono

    Any Tattoos/Tattoo Ideas?

    Hey, everybody. I have a little bit of a fun topic to discuss today (though I don't think it counts as "creative corner" content). You all have seen amazing tattoos. All over the map there are amazing artists that use other people's bodies as canvases, and I've always wanted some sort of ink...
  12. Grono

    How do you deal with a breakup?

    Hey, fam. Time for a serious topic today. Today's been two weeks since my girlfriend of over two years dumped me, and needless to say she's taking it a lot better than I have. She's had months to process what she's lost, but I was not in the same boat as her and as a result I'm left just...
  13. Grono

    Best of the Worst: Story Presentation

    If Nomura had a gun to a mainframe system for III and said that the only way he'd let the game finish is if you picked one horrifying way of story presentation to pick from, which one would you pick? I'm shuddering just thinking about it. EDIT: Thanks to Audo for asking for clarification! I...
  14. Grono

    What went wrong with Back Cover?

    What Went Wrong with Back Cover? Hello everybody, Grono here with another lengthy analysis comin' at ya! WHAP-OW! WHOOSH!! ZAPPO!!! Rewatching certain scenes of back cover recently made me question a part of my fan complex: what is it that I hate about this damn movie so much? Watching it...
  15. Grono

    Lit ► Why Molly Weasley Holds the Best Scene in Harry Potter

    As all teenagers that grew up when the Harry Potter books were coming out, I was equally enamored with the movies that accompanied each installment. While now I may look upon them partly in disdain, the initial viewings of these films truly brought to life the spirit, if not the events, of this...
  16. Grono

    Deep Dive I: What's important to your identity?

    Hey, guys! I've been exploring myself and my values lately, notably what defined me and inspired me, and I figured that this would be a good time to start a series of threads to get to know everybody! These threads will be named "Deep Dives" after the secret movie from the original game's Final...
  17. Grono

    Music ► Help me Write Songs for my VERY not PG Band!

    Hey, guys! For a long time I've been meaning to get together some sort of quasi Ninja S*x Party-style metal band with the sole intention of creating gratuitously filthy comedy music. My eventual band's name is going to be Vehicular Manslaughter, a comedy group that will focus on trying to act...
  18. Grono

    Music ► Grono's Grotto of Music & Art (& whatever else he decides to post here)

    Hey, guys! After several months of sitting on top of a bunch of music I released, I finally decided to start releasing things that I've worked on in one spot on this forum. This is the one-stop place for my music, my editorials, notifications on my short stories (including my KH rewrites that...
  19. Grono

    Which KH Game do you Think is the Most Difficult?

    This poll is pretty straight forward; which game do you find the most challenging? Those convicted, state your case! Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Kingdom Hearts isn't a terribly hard game per say, but it does challenge you in a way that post-PS3 era games just don't anymore. You hardly ever had...
  20. Grono

    Anime/Manga ► Any 91 Days fans?

    Hey, so I've always been someone that seems like they'd be into anime but never got started themselves. Hell, I never really got into Ghibli, even though the 2 Ghibli films that I've seen I liked a lot (Spirited Away and Graveyard of the Fireflies). Regardless, a friend of mine contacted me one...