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  1. Ralor Penwat

    Hey. back again for now

    Back. Don't know if anyone would remember me. But hey. (Obligatory RIP Inferno.....)
  2. Ralor Penwat

    I'm back

    Well, if I get into this place again. I've missed this place. It's kind of barren compared to how it was in the good old days, though.
  3. Ralor Penwat

    Oh Sup KHI?

    I was one of your inferno regulars. I still drop by every now and then. I see things have thinned out since the switch to 4.0. I miss you guys. But I just don't know what to do here.
  4. Ralor Penwat

    Percy Jackson FC

    The books are amazing, the movie was okay but it didn't follow the book well at all. If you don't like the series then shut up and leave now, thanks, bye. Also, post what book you are in, so we know when to use spoiler tabs, I am on book 3, but am only a few paragraphs in. Active Members...
  5. Ralor Penwat

    Master's Circle

    Anyone have it? I'm clueless as to what these abilities do. I need 56 more Mission Crowns too.
  6. Ralor Penwat


    A few missions in Mission Mode turn Character Enemies into Anti-Form these forms are more powerful by far and have weapons, anyone else catch one? Confirmed: Saix Unconfirmed: Riku (Day 358)
  7. Ralor Penwat

    Okay... So Why?

    Why is everybody always hating on KH2? KH2 > KH IMO. I don't understand how it is bad.
  8. Ralor Penwat

    Question on Multi-Player

    So, I have it reserved and none of my friends are getting it, How far do you think you can be for the MultiPlayer to work?
  9. Ralor Penwat

    The spamming game

  10. Ralor Penwat

    World Renound Pitchman Legend Dies

    Billy Mays the man we know as "Al" or "Mr. Oxy Clean" Died, with his father still alive. events where this happens ar rarities, and since when do 3 celebrities die in 1 week? Discuss.
  11. Ralor Penwat


    Sorry to yell but seriously! Head Honcho of 4 NEW Games and people have the nerve to ask about games BEYOND these in the series! On top of that Square decides to dig out ghosts of consoles past with FF VII: ADVENT CHILDREN! GIVE HER SPACE MAN!
  12. Ralor Penwat

    Profile wont load....

    On all the skinz i try to go to my profile but only bottom are top are loaded. Can somone help?
  13. Ralor Penwat

    Michael Chrichton Fanclub

    Surely you have heared of him or at least Jurassic park and The Lost World? Well I am a very big fan of him, I plan to, eventually, read all his books : Sphere : Read (1st) Timeline : Didn't Finish Yet Andromeda Strain : Read State of Fear : Not Read Congo : Friend Read It Jurassic Park ...
  14. Ralor Penwat

    Windows 7 (BETA)

    lots of things have changed from windows vista,XP,95,ME,98,2000, etc to windows 7. wanna know one thing that hasnt? Our old pal the Blue Screen of Death. Lots of people were were testin windows7 so its about time someone met 'im before a reboot. will microsoft fix this problem by release? i...
  15. Ralor Penwat

    The Riders' Returning OOC/Sign Ups

    400 Years after Galbatorix's downfall, a new dictator rules over Alagaesia. A rider with incredible strength. Flaintrom, an incredible swordsman with a knowledge of the ancient language time itself doesnt have yet. No single rider stands a chance, but, luckily, the Varden captured and hid many...
  16. Ralor Penwat


    i reffered one of my kh lovin friends to the sight and he doesnt seem to be anywhere i dont kno why he is in the user database but i cant even find him in the members list i will try to contact him to ask why but he is probly asleep now if anyone sees him please contact me thank you
  17. Ralor Penwat

    does anyone have it

    sorry this may sound stupid but since the laptop crashed i cant find it on the site does anyone have a recipe for sea salt ice cream i really want to try it and it sounds good so please post one
  18. Ralor Penwat

    XD i like this thought its double battle

    Hilary Clinton and a Heartless :thumbdown: versus Barrack Obama and Roxas:thumbup:LOL
  19. Ralor Penwat

    Go Sing(american idol for the khinsider forums)

    Go Sing(american idol for the khinsider forums) sign up here Auditions will be held on April 19,20,26,27 afterward we will schedule the real thing we currently need randy and paula requirments to play can somehow post singing of their own on internet randy and paula dont need anything im simon...
  20. Ralor Penwat

    i need help

    i was doing my research on kh3 when i found English translated videos i copied down every word to my commonplace book and will need help decoding it birth by sleep... a sealed tale of truth... the fate of all occurs not by chance... the fate of all is ?thevitable?... each of their fates pass...