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  1. SoulXaldin

    What do you guys think the next Kingdom Hearts game will be?

    If anything, the next entry I would like is a remake and more streamlined version of Kingdom Hearts X/Unchained X/Union X with a more coherent story compared to that of the mobile game, a new implementation of the Command Deck and an overall cleaner representation. I’m not too sure how I feel...
  2. SoulXaldin

    I swear, I have the weirdest dreams.

    So, get this: I just had a dream last night where there was this whole underground community of people underneath some sort of school. And in this community, there were members of these forums there. Of course, I don’t know how of any of you look like, so it was just random people with like...
  3. SoulXaldin

    Is it me, or was releasing KH3 on Xbox One completely pointless

    I mean, why go through the effort of doing that if you’re not gonna release any of the HD Remixes on it? (and that’s assuming that people buying this game exclusively own XBone’s and want to get familiar with the series).
  4. SoulXaldin

    Game-breaking spells/commands

    The use of spells and commands (in the case of the Command Deck) was kind of poorly implemented in games in that some are just stupidly over used and can end fights in a second. In KH:3D, you had Balloon/ra/ga. For me, BBS had magnet/ra/ga because you could just round up all the enemies and just...
  5. SoulXaldin

    Poetry ► A Series of Poems: (8)

    To make amends is to become a friend And to reap means to weep You and I, connected only by delusion Feelings, illusion Arth thou not present? Old English is for the peasant I see A, T and V Darknees, there is, consumes thee Did I not say Old English is of no need? Yes, you did indeed I...
  6. SoulXaldin

    Food Cravings

    I’m on a pizza high right now. All I can think about is pizza, all I read about is pizza, all I want is pizza! PIZZA!
  7. SoulXaldin

    Aqua on Critical Mode

    Terra and Ven’s story seem like a breeze on Critical Mode, but Aqua is like sort of stupid difficult. Her stats are crap compared to the other two and I’ve died many times. Anyone else had this problem?
  8. SoulXaldin

    I'm getting sick of playing KH2.

    As much as I want to play through all the games before I get to KH3 in January, I can't bring myself to finish KH2. I have played this game numerous, numerous times to the point where I get no sort of satisfaction from it. I've sat through all the same story beats and all the same worlds and...
  9. SoulXaldin

    Remember that time...

    when a new game in a series is about to come out but you're too lazy to play the old games because you've already played them a like a bunch of time and you're just going back for the sake of catching up, being a total completionist or out of a sense of obligation even though you're bored and...
  10. SoulXaldin

    Poetry ► A Series of Poems (7: Friendship is a One-way street)

    It hurts Feel like my heart's gonna burst Every time I look around all I hear Is the melting pot of swirling sounds The people around me Don't acknowledge me Mistake me for a stranger One step to close to the hanger I can't say I'm sad Just disappointed We get a bad rep No chances They...
  11. SoulXaldin

    Poetry ► A Series of Poems (6: Affection and Love)

    Affection and love in this case, to some degree, feels limited As if yearning for someone require parameters to be justified Those parameters boiling down to judgement So get across this Barrier of judgement then And proceed onward Do not let your love be defined by what is standard or what is...
  12. SoulXaldin

    Poetry ► A Series of Poems (5: Happiness)

    Happiness The guttural feeling The good kind knot in your stomach When around the common interest company Happiness A step up from gladness The feeling of content Is enough to express assent Happiness Rejoice In the choice to poise Kindness Happiness It's not a felling I take for granted I...
  13. SoulXaldin

    Poetry ► A Series of Poems (4: Ideas)

    The execution or implementation of an idea On to a piece of paper Is difficult for most Unfathomable For those with the concept to post An idea of sort A wall blocking the mind From truly realizing its creative potential But even discussing the simple things is enough To break the mental...
  14. SoulXaldin

    A small, confusing detail at the end of Sora's story in Re:COM

    So when Namine tells Sora and Co. that she will restore their memories at the cost of losing the ones obtained in the castle, they go to pod room that was clearly seen in the OLD MANSION in KH2. Now, they are still clearly in Castle Oblivion,so how in the name of Winnie the Pooh did they...
  15. SoulXaldin

    A Series of Poems (3: Fear)

    Fear is What it is It is something capable of making you tremble Or something that is sure to haunt you Fear is something that we initially find difficult to dispel And we despise its presence We fear Fear And we fear what it is capable of doing to others To our significant To our loved ones...
  16. SoulXaldin

    Music ► New Logic Record: Everybody

    Everybody is the the 3rd studio album from Maryland rapper Logic. For those of who who aren't familiar with Logic, he's been blowing up in the past 5-6 years or so and I know a lot of fans, especially myself, have been anticipating this album for a while, and I can tell you that this album is...
  17. SoulXaldin

    Poetry ► A Series of Poems (2: Tragedy)

    Tragedy, a ubiquitous thing It happens to us lot of people Be it minute or tragic But one should fear tragedy It may come and go But the effects are everlasting And the trigger: a glare I want to get a little artsy, a little more vague and cryptic. It might be a little easy though, since I'm...
  18. SoulXaldin

    Music ► New Gorillaz record: Humanz

    Humanz is the fifth studio album by the British virtual band Gorillaz, whose real life members consist of Damon Albarn (Blur) and Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl). Boy, I have been waiting for this record for a while. Gorillaz have been putting out very amazing and experimentally consistent albums...
  19. SoulXaldin

    Poetry ► A Series of Poems (1: The Train),

    It might be very sudden but after watching a movie that was kind of thought-provoking and deep, I was hit with a creative brick. I hope you guys don't mind if I put out a little poem, so here I go: On the train I contemplate Towards who shall I express my disdain For those I mentally exfoliate...