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  1. ShadowXemnas

    Facebook Backup and transfer Inquiry (NA Version)

    I'm getting a new phone soon due to recent events, I've never done a game transfer of this kind before, and there's nothing regarding what I need to know in the in-game menus. So I really need to know...when I download the app on the new phone, how exactly do I access the Facebook Backup so that...
  2. ShadowXemnas

    Hello again my fellow....Moogles?

    Yo, ShadowXemnas here. I know I haven't been here in a while, but sadly KHInsider doesn't work well on my PSP's browser and the desktop at my house is so slow, I don't even try with it. Now I have access to a computer with far superior capabilities, decide to see if anything's new during the...
  3. ShadowXemnas

    First battle on the KHInsider Forums. In need of definitive info/Opponents.

    As the Title has stated, I'd like to try out the Roleplaying aspect of the KHInsider Forums, starting with the Battling Section. My Character is as follows (Sorry, no Picture...If anyone would like to draw him, that would be awesome.) Name: Xashowd Gender: Male Race: Nobody Vampire Age: 155...
  4. ShadowXemnas

    ShadowXemnas' Character Command List

    Even now, many players are likely to be missing a few commands in their journals, but the Guidebook doesn't list them in exact order. Thus,I have written an extensive list of each character's Commands in the order they show up in the Journal. See Terra's section for Friendship commands and...
  5. ShadowXemnas

    Where to go...

    Which one of the shops works with making PSP Themes? I want to ask someone, but I'm new to this section of the Forums, and quite confused...
  6. ShadowXemnas

    A request to those who can make PSP themes...

    I know, it seems stupid to put it here, and I'm not sure if anyone will answer, but can someone please make a Vanitas PSP theme? I personally think he deserves one, and since there is no official one, I was thinking I could ask. I'm sure someone around here has the skills to make an epic one...
  7. ShadowXemnas

    In case anyone didn't check...Official BBS website update!

    Just posting this in case no one noticed (I haven't seen an update on the Front page about it, at least...), but I just checked the site and the last three PSP themes are up on the Media section. And just as most people have been guessing, it's one for Ventus, one for Aqua, and one for Terra...
  8. ShadowXemnas

    Best EXP Grinding method for Terra

    NIx-Ex9Te7w Normally, I wouldn't want to spend the time it would take to get to Lv.100, but this shortens it down. A LOT. Useful for getting CP for abilities, too, so if you have something for Terra you wanna level up, just use this method (Replace one of the mega flares with the Commands you...
  9. ShadowXemnas

    Holy $#!# There's a timer!

    I'm sure by the time I'm done typing this everyone will have seen it, but there is a countdown timer up near the top of this page now. Must be their way of apologizing for a late post or something... Well, feel free to talk about the timer if you want, but I'm sure the actual countdown thread...
  10. ShadowXemnas

    How many Files does it take to play BBS?

    Not a real question, but a humerous topic starter. My real question is how many files are people going to make, and for what reasons? I'm going to make about 7. One Normal/Standard difficulty for each character to play while my sister watches (because she like to watch), one Proud Mode for each...
  11. ShadowXemnas

    The True meaning of "3D"

    I have a few theories as to what "3D" will stand for (Since Nomura said it wouldn't be 3-dimensional). One is 3rd Dawn, as in the Dawn of KHIII, as aside from the still unannounced game Nomura has in the works, KH3D will likely be the bridge for the gap between KH coded/Re:coded and KHIII...