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  1. Y

    Kingdom Hearts #11 on GI's Top 25 games that defined PS2

    so last time i created a post, i got banned for not using search tool. well this time i did, and i came up with nothing in the latest GI (Batman Arkham Asylum Cover), there is an article for games that defined the PS2 generation on page 112-113. Well, KH Series made number 11. Yay check it out...
  2. Y

    Who is the Hottest person on the forums?

    who is the hottest person on the forums? if you think you are, post your pic
  3. Y

    How do I get the magnet trick to work on those enemies on pride rock?

    why does the magnet trick never work when i try it on that swarm on pride rock? i click magnet, and only 10 or so enemies get attracted and thunder doesnt do anything? how do i get it to work?
  4. Y

    How do I get the magnet trick to work on those enemies on pride rock?

    why does the magnet trick never work when i try it on that swarm on pride rock? i click magnet, and only 10 or so enemies get attracted and thunder doesnt do anything? how do i get it to work?
  5. Y

    Which of the New Three do you plan on getting?

    which of hte new three kh games do you plan on getting? birth by sleep? 358/2 days? coded? i know some of you dont have all the game systems and capabilities, which is why i only plan on getting 358/2 what about you?
  6. Y

    358/2 or 358/2?

    this site is confusing me. ive seen both kingdom hearts 358/2 and kingdom hearts 385/2. which one is it? i even saw a 258/2. this is all on the first 2 pages of the homepage. someone needs to fix that. which one is it though
  7. Y

    Does each Princess of Heart have a Nobody?

    When Sora stabbed himself with the keyblade, Kairi's heart came out to him. All the Princesses of Heart's hearts came out when Sora stabbed himself, just like Kairi's. Couldn't each of them have easily created a nobody, just like Kairi's did? Will these possible nobodies play a role?
  8. Y

    Boss that you beat on the 1ST try that SURPRISED you

    which boss in all of the kingdom hearts game did you beat on the first try that surprised you? not a boss you knew you would beat. but one where you expected yourself to die but you didnt for me, definately had to be xaldin, that was the ONLY boss battle where i used mickey as well, but i dont...
  9. Y


    well LOST is coming back after its 13-week haitus. im so excited expectations are high for the return, i expect an awesome 17straight episodes click this link for a fun game www.lost.eu/16c6c
  10. Y

    Would you just love this?

    would you just love an ultimate battle or so speak, where you are fighting with every ally in the game, vs every boss in the game(not main bosses, more like world bosses, and others) i think it would be really cool as an battle, or even a cutscene, to see everyone fighting everyone, in like a brawl
  11. Y

    Word Association

    well i think its pretty simple, ill say a word, and the next person writes what comes to their mind ex: i say blue, next person says color, next person says rainbow, next person says pot of gold,etc.... ill start .........................GAME
  12. Y

    Movie Person Association Game

    ok for this, i will name a movie star, and the next person names a movie they were in, and then names another movie star in that movie(co-star) for ex i say brad pitt next person says, mr and mrs smith(angelina jolie) and the next person would name a movie with angelina jolie in it, with...
  13. Y

    Favorite Beatle?

    who is your favorite beatle's member? John, Paul, George, or Ringo? mine is Ringo. Ringo Starr
  14. Y

    Your All-Time Favorite Video Game Character

    Who is your all time favorite video game character? it can be any system, any year, any time, any game, etc.... for me, i couldnt choose one, but its a tie between link and tidus
  15. Y

    Pirates of the Carribean 3 Hype Thread

    who cant wait for the next movie? i cant they leave you with a giant cliffhanger at the end of the 2nd and i cant wait this movie will be great and i cant wait to see the swordfights
  16. Y

    Movie Series Hurt/Heal PreLims

    Hurt and Heal PreLims for movie series-----top 12 advance to semi-finals NOTE:ONLY CONTAINS SERIES WITH AT LEAST 3 MOVIES IN IT. so spiderman,pirates, and shrek dont make the cut even with movies coming out within9 months ill go first SAW-------------------------21 ACE VENTURA--------------20...
  17. Y

    The Last letter about kingdom hearts game

    ok heres how it works, im going to name something about kingdom hearts or kingdom hearts 2 or deep dive, etc.... then the next person has to think of another thing related to anything about kingdom hearts that begins with the last letter of the previous thing for example... i post...
  18. Y

    Lowest QB Rating in a win!!!

    i think Rex Grossman had the lowest QB rating ever and getting the win, while playing the whole game. can someone say 2.9?
  19. Y

    Final Fantasy XII

    so whos got FFXII? what do you think of it? To this moment, what part are you at? rate the game out of 10 to this point i just beat the 2nd judge (bergan i think) on mt. bur i give it a 10, but only because the storyline, it still needs to pick up a little bit more
  20. Y

    An update Please!

    ive been gone for awhile(summer), and now im back, can someone please update me on anything new that is cofirmed or not. such as 1. confirmed kh3? 2.confirmed reasons for anything like keyblades or zexion or stuff in that nature 3. anything else? i would appricieate if someone could updat me...