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  1. purgatory

    your verity

    So a few years ago on this forum one of my first posts was this thread. The person I talk about here isn't the same, but you'll understand it better if you read it ^^ To say that I care is an understatement, disrespectful even To say that the world is as big as your heart is too small Those...
  2. purgatory

    Character ► [ACCEPTED] Purgatory maybe? Perhaps

    This is easily one of the hardest templates I've built from the ground up, don't hesitate to point out any necessary edits and grammaticals please. -------------- "Faith, trust, and pixie dust!" Name: Purg Apse Age: Unknown, appears Thirteen (ages normally off his home-world) Gender: Male...
  3. purgatory

    Grimoire Of...?

    Grimoire Of...? [Discussion Thread] [ PAUSE ] Everything has stopped. Time is not moving, they all sit at chairs a dark room fastened tightly to chairs almost as if tormented. There is a stationary line of chairs holding the abuducted, each of them having a spotlight over them seeming to come...
  4. purgatory

    Grimoire Of...?

    Grimoire Of...? Multiple-Universe Crossover Cross-Over List [Highlighting the heaviest influences] Kingdom Hearts Medaka Box [Narrarator >Reference here] Puella Magi Madoka Magica Infamous Hunter X Hunter [Sympathizing with the enemy] Kill La Kill [Kamui Battle] Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann...
  5. purgatory

    your deception

    you've achieved a new level of manipulation you've done what others have failed to do you've used my kindness and stabbed me with it and as I die unappreciated by the monster i created because this forbidden fruit was never meant to be to go untouched and untainted by such empathy the cold air...