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  1. Urbane

    Vacation Time!

    So, I'll post this here for ease of access, I guess. I'm going to be out of town for a week, starting tomorrow, so my internet access will likely be sporadic. If I don't reply to something, that'll be why.
  2. Urbane

    oh whoop de doo another anniversary thread ~

    three more years! three more years! Yeah, it kinda looks like I've been on here for three years now. Yay. *sparklyconfettithrow* It was three years ago I joined the now-infamous Commission. Most of its members no longer come on here, I think. Since then, I've proceeded to do pretty much...
  3. Urbane

    Upcoming Harperland Federal Elections (For Canadians)

    Well, as a Canadian, I'm quite worried about... well, the outcome of the elections. Of course, I can't vote... but I'm still very interested in what's going to happen, and I just figure there must be other Canadians on here who share my interest. That said, here's a neat little place for...
  4. Urbane

    Avalon: The Elizabethans

    In the nation of Avalon, we find ourselves. The government has made many unpopular decisions, as of late. Heightened taxes for the poor, subjugation of minorities, and the occasional disappearing of political opponents of the ruling party. This situation… people thought that it could lead to...
  5. Urbane

    A bit late... but it's anniversary time.

    Well, it's been about ten days, but I figure I might as well go through with this anyways... seeing as I forgot last year too. That's right, it's the belated celebration of my joining the site. Prepare for incoming shout-outs. First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone who was in The...
  6. Urbane

    wu tang goku discussion thread

    so i thought that with the amount of people discussing taylor these days it'd be better if we kept it all in one neat little thread discuss
  7. Urbane

    Neil Young

    Anyone heard Le Noise? What did you think of it, eh?
  8. Urbane

    khinsider unofficial mascot (i am asking for blood to shed)

    if we were to have an unofficial mascot, what do you guys think would best represent our establishment? i think khinsideer. can you do better? yes.
  9. Urbane


    Because we needed one of these. And... go.
  10. Urbane

    The Commission RP Series Fanclub "Cuz We Make Nojima Look Bad"

    Hello. WOO! FCUK YEAH! BEST OF '09, BITCHES! This is the Commission fanclub. One day, in very early 2009, a young man with aspirations of greatness, and a handful of inspiration from the Organization XV roleplay, posted a thread for a roleplay entitled "The Order of the Roses". As it turns...
  11. Urbane

    Oh boy. I'm actually trying to actively do something in this section again.

    Well, listen up, boys and girls. It seems that, unlikely though it may be, I have an idea for a roleplay. And a good one, this time. No elves, you'll note... I've said too much. Anyways, I was thinking about this crazy idea of mine when, *gasp!*, I hit a little bit of a snag. In the form of...
  12. Urbane

    important amazing-sama news

    for those wondering, i am amazing-sama. okay y'all, here's the dilly. i'm gonna be gone for two weeks or so... starting tonight. so don't expect me logging on after that. i mean, i'll log on if i can find free wi-fi, but that'd be on my ipod, so don't expect any huge writing-based undertakings...
  13. Urbane

    The "Music is Dead" Debate

    Well, I've noticed some mixed opinions on this. It seems some people are of the opinion that music in general is only going to get worse. So, share some opinions, here. Are the greatest songs humanity will ever create all here already? Is there some genius still making music that lives up to...
  14. Urbane

    Rufus Wainwright

    So... I just figured I should make a thread, seeing as I'm going to see him perform in a bit... He's performing in Toronto on June 15 and 17, and I'm going on the 17th. Beautiful voice.
  15. Urbane

    ob-la-di ob-la-da

    I am a frightening person. I like to cause pain. I like to hurt people. I like it when I hurt people. I like to kill them. Sometimes, they just die. Die when I see them. Sometimes, they try and stand. I kill them. If they’re fool enough to stand, I kill them. If they’re fool enough to lie, I...
  16. Urbane

    Visitor Message issue

    Every time I write up and send a VM, it says it needs to be 25 characters, even when it's obviously more than 25. Is anyone else having this problem?
  17. Urbane

    this is what i do at night when i'm alone with my laptop

    I find myself hating life, right now. The timing’s all messed up, and people aren’t listening to a word I say… it’s kind of painful, I guess. People could spare the time, but, then, they’ve all got lives. It’s rude to impose. It all started a ways back, but, then, it really started the day I...
  18. Urbane

    The Smiths

    Yeah. You know the drill. All I can say is they're better than most of what we have now.
  19. Urbane

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!

    This is not a fanclub for Ed Sullivan. It's for The Beatles, perhaps the greatest band in history. From Please Please Me to Let It Be, every one of their albums has held something magical. That being songs of varying degrees of amazing. Which is why this club exists. Just, well, join it...
  20. Urbane

    Yes, Watson's got a question.

    So... If I were to make a more psychologically oriented RP, would anyone be willing to collaborate or even join? Or are you all so combat obsessed that anything less than super amazing fight scenes is a no-go? Before I get down to any specifics, I want to know how many of you would...