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    My Naruto akatsuki souzoku character

    I've decided to draw a character that I had made for a current rp. It only took me like.....5 minutes to do but I'm happy with it. I just wanted to share it so those people that always pondered what my characters looked like might have an idea and its also to share a small piece of art with you...
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    Help/Support ► I'm in a pickle......

    Well though I'm pretty much nobody in this forum and I'm usually sittin' around collecting dust I should keep it with the 'bros before hoes' phrase. Try to help your friend out a little man. Plus u did say you weren't shure if you liked her or not so if you don't, ya' don't and take the...
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    Star Ocean help needed.

    I need some help in star ocean till the end of time. I'm on the second disc in the mosel dunes. I have a level 48 fayte equipped with deminsion door and blade of fury, a level 52 cliff equipped with acrobat locus and fist's of fury, and a level 38 maria with crescent locus and something else...I...
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    Kingdom Hearts:Oblivion's call

    In this tale of Kingdom Hearts, Sora has turned 17 and he still lives o the island happily. This continues until he receives a note from queen minney explaining to sora that king mickey has suddenly dissapeared and has not shown for several day's. Sora,Riku and Kairi then know there is something...
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    Phantasy star

    I know a game called Phantasy star online, and was created by sega. They have lot's of Phantasy star games released. Some including Phantasy star online episode I and II, Phantasy star episode III. And then their is the newest one, Supposedly coming out at the end of this year called Phantasy...
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    Fantasy of the imagination.

    Okay, This rp is about the sweet fruits of all you can think of. There is no set to your race or gender. Be whatever you want, demon, human, hedgehog, alien, saiyan, whatever you desire. Meet who you want, dante, jin kazama, cloud strife, sora, sonic, goku, goku(of saiyuki) edward or alphonse...
  7. S

    Mickeys keyblade

    Yeah, if anything mickey should be the original but I don't invistigate so whatever.
  8. S

    sora vs riku who will win?

    HA! sora doesn't stand a chance. Riku own's sora. And if teamates are allowed, mickey will pwn and keep no prisoner's!
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    renkaichi henkakuu

    Alright, this is mah first rp so if You don't like it.....tough :) here is teh story.... This is 2000 b.c (waaaaaaaay back heh?) and there where many clans of ninjas, and scools/villages for samurai. Though ninjas and samurai did not agree on everything, they all had their respect for one...
  10. S


    Maybe in kh2 they make a kh2 version of final mix and show the conclusion of the fight in the kh version of final mix.
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    i'm new and need help

    dodge roll his fire wall AND the two attack's where 1) he turn's his weapons to fire and throw's them at you you dodge roll. 2) dodge roll the attack where he flings his weapon's and teleports. You should have lot's of atleast 8 and 7's. and some zero's. you have to watch out for his attack...
  12. S

    did anybodey see this site?

    *sob's* I couldn't read a thing. I have been to the site before while I was browsin' for stuff. I left it cuz' I couldn't read anything.....
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    what happened to fake riku

    See, there are no theorie's about what happened to him but there might be a what is going to happen to him. Riku killed him in reverse/rebirth and riku replics say's " what happens to something fake when it dies, I mean, where will my heart go?" and riku say's " probably the same place my heart...
  14. S

    Whoa, im not sure but the last boss was a pushover....

    I shall agree with you all. The first marluxia gave me some trouble, then when they kept' talking about "there's something powerful behind that door" I was all like I'm screwed and then when I saw the thing I was like OMG! and the health bar! the thing looked like it would be ferouchious! and it...
  15. S

    New Info I think?

    I'm guessing mulan will not be using mushu. I've seen screen's of her weilding a sword. I might be wrong though. And when did she ever use mushu? An OMG you said loin do you know what loin's are?! lolol!!! god that is soooo funny!HAAAHAH the LOIN king! lol!
  16. S


    You can be the toy version of sora. a sora action figure with a keyblade figurine. that would be cool if you could be in andy's room.
  17. S

    fake heartless

    Well I thank you cause I don't pay too much attention about that stuff.
  18. S

    Riku replica

    Yes, chill down and relax, you are cpmletely right about the riku replica thing. And mr. replica had his ass handed to him by riku and he's dead dead dead dead dead like my sock's and I will explain it with a zeukini.
  19. S

    Has this been said...

    Vexen made riku replica's heart and namine created the memories and THEN screwed around whith them. remember, it's riku REPLICA. either that or she just created his memories. and bhk is NOT I repeat NOT sora's "shell" and Kaizer, I couldn't of put it better myself.
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    kh2 dual keyblades

    True, Valor mode would just be for eye candy. It would be there just to make sora look pretty and I don't think Namura would want to upset the kh fan's by messing the game up a little like that.